Where to go for a date in Singapore

So since we got married, we seldom go out for a date reason being I was too busy juggling course and work and my free times are burned trying to finish my assignments. However, I realised the need to sometimes chill and spend time with the husband especially since I was feeling bad that he had to wait for me to finish my assignments all the time. On weekdays it was impossible to go out since our work hours are long. Thus, we only had weekends to go out, run errands and perhaps sneak out for date.

We were not that adventurous even before we were married, we used to go out, eat at a nice place and walk a bit before going home. We were even too tired and lazy to go anywhere too far. #oldcouple Thus, our hang out places were mostly in the east or central areas.

It may seem that Singapore is too small to go anywhere nice for a date but the truth is, there are some locations that has grown on us and has become our favourite places. Here are some of the places.

  1. Orchard Road

I am originally not a fan of Orchard Road but our recent trips there changed my mind. The best time to go is during Christmas season because the decorative lights all over Orchard Road will brighten your mood.


It was heartwarming to have Singaporeans who willingly volunteered to help take a photo of us together. Perhaps they thought we were tourists lol.




If you are looking for halal options, I would highly recommend Cahaya Restaurant at the 5th floor of Far East Plaza. The food is delicious and cheap!


It was so good, this is our ‘go to’ place each time we are in Orchard.



Occasionally if we are lucky, we may find stalls that do sell halal food. Like this stall that sells hotdog in a prata at Takashimaya.



Yup eating by the fountain was the best!

2. Kallang Wave Mall

Did you know how lovely it is to take a stroll at night by Kallang Wave Mall? You get to see this view.




There are also so many halal options of food in the mall itself so you will never run out of things to eat or snack on.

3. Public transport

So if you are on a budget, who says you cannot go dating on public transport? In fact, you can start from the bus stop. The longer the bus take to arrive, the more time you can spend together. It is a win win situation. :p


If you are really lucky, the bus might be empty and it would feel like you are on a private transport lol.



If you do not like buses, there is always the train.


The newly opened downtown line is the least crowded. You can check it out if you have not.

There you go, the list of dating places lol. For what it is worth, it is the company, not the place that matters in the end. I hope you always find time to spend with your loved ones despite being busy and / or tired.

Cahaya Restaurant  is located at 14, Scotts Rd, #05-91/92, Far East Plaza.