May the 4th be with you

So I do watch Star Wars but my husband is a big fan of its entire series. Thus, he brought me to the premiere of Star Wars movie: The last jedi in Singapore. It was honestly my first time attending a premiere screening of any movie.

Saw almost everyone dressed up in a Star Wars costume as soon as we arrived at Lido. It was like a party and there were even kids and families in matching outfits. Check out the little Darth Vader.


Gotta love the huge posters. It was a perfect backdrop for everyone to take photos with. The enthusiastic atmosphere continued even after we entered the movie theatre. It was my first time watching an entire movie in 3D glasses. I only agreed after le husband promised I would not get dizzy or sleepy.


The movie was beyond awesome because I did not fell asleep at all lol. Really gotta give it to the crowd for making the atmosphere happy and exciting.

On 4th May, le husband brought me to this Star Wars exhibition at F1 Pit Building.


It was clearly a place where Star Wars fans gather. Despite the scorching hot weather, everyone was high in spirits. Le husband even met an old friend.


I used to have a Chewbacca as a toy when I was a kid. Good times.

Overall it was a good experience. We were blessed that it was pretty cloudy and the sun only came out when we were about to leave. Alhamdulilah.


May the force always be with you too.