Eat with family: Capturing the memories

For someone who is so busy, I truly appreciate the times we eat together. Yes, I am the family member who is obsessed with taking photos, not of me, but of everyone. I think it is important to capture the memories, simply for remembrance sake. Too often, we live in such rush, wanting everything to happen in a short time, we detest waiting because we are unable to embrace the living moments.

Somehow photos have the power to take us back through time, and remind us the feelings we experience at that exact time. To me that itself is magical because as we move forward into the future, we tend to forget little precious things, that we once hold dearly to our hearts.


It does not even matter if the photo is not perfect, because life itself is not. People should chill once in a while and embrace looking bad or even ugly at times lol.

For those blessed with the presence of little kids in their lives, all the more you should be taking photos of them all the time. They often grow up too fast and capturing these moments will remind us of how far she / he has come.


I literally have thousands of my little niece’s photos and videos in my laptop. She was just too adorable and every little antic she did was worth capturing.





I think I had enough practice from trying to capture photos of all my cousins when they were kids. Perks of being the eldest.

Sometimes little niece cooperates with me and smile at the camera but sometimes she doesn’t even let me kiss her. Yeah kids have moods too. Lol.


Nevertheless, I never want to forget taking a family wefie at the end of our makan sessions together. I think little niece got the hang of it too.



Of course we love it when she comes over to the house. We keep a whole box of toys for her to play with each time she comes over.



Once in a blue moon, we make a trip to JB simply to chill and enjoy the low cost of food there. Steamboat has always been a favourite.



I especially love the foot spa there! They always managed to turn my dry and rough feet into baby smooth skin! Brought the husband to try it for the first time. Apparently he seldom go for massages because he ‘claims’ it is ticklish lol.



We usually do our grocery shopping there too and sometimes we stop by for ice cream. Well, actually I was the one craving so thank you everybody for entertaining me!




However, I do not need to go far or anywhere special for me to be happy. I am happy each time there is food on the table. Be it thosei, rice, prata….I like them all.





Yup I like it better when the food is delicious yet cheap. Added bonus is when the restaurant is air conditioned. It has been too hot these days!

These captured memories get more and more precious as time passes by. Perhaps it is the nostalgic part of me, wanting to capture every moment worth remembering.


Like this photo of Baba and le husband in their favourite club jersey. Yup, their teams are arch enemies lol.

I hope you never miss capturing happy memories too!

Mr Prata is located at Blk 742 Bedok Reservoir road, #01-3105 and they are opened 24 hours.