Water Play @ Tampines Hub

16 March 2018

It is the March holidays and we (especially me) are all stuck in Singapore. I have longed wanted to organise a simple get-together so that the kids can meet and play. They don’t get to meet often, so I thought school holidays would be the best time to meet and play together.

After short discussion, we finally decided to meet at Tampines Hub swimming pool. It would be my first time there! I have yet to visit the public pool there since it opened.


The pool is on the rooftop! The water looks inviting and the kids can’t wait to get in! Check out their happy faces.



This was the kids’ section but the girls thought it was too kiddish so they went to the adult pool instead.


I actually forgot to bring an extra head scarf so I wasn’t able to join them! However, the water was too tempting that I went in anyway, attempting to only let the lower half of my body be submerged in the pool lol.


They were having so much fun! Look at my little niece who is totally not afraid of the deep waters. :O


There was even a jacuzzi at the other side! Looks like I will be coming back often.


Not forgetting our only hero #Mamaqif who is over at the baby pool because he has yet to even walk lol.


The weather was so hot, I am pretty sure we got sunburned badly. After a while, were all called back up because there was lightning alert and they had to close the pool. Thankfully we have been playing with water for 2 hours. Imagine the sad faces of the kids who had just arrived.

An empty pool and water playground due to lightning alert.


Oh well, we had fun!


Headed out to lunch at Encik Tan because we were all starving.


After we were done, went over to Ghufran Mosque for Zohor and Asar prayers before walking around Tampines Hub. Did you know that there is a rooftop garden and indoor jogging track at Tampines Hub?

Check out all the different types of plants.


I had a lovely time! We should definitely meet up for the purpose of play again next time. I think we all need this break.

Looking forward to our next water play! Perhaps at an indoor pool and water playground! Lol.

You can check out the facilities of Our Tampines Hub here.