Recharging with close friends and food

You know, every now and then, I feel like I need to meet my girlfriends simply to chill, eat and recharge. No matter how someone is attached or married, girl friends play different roles in a girls’ life, one that a husband, no matter how wonderful, can never replace. I also appreciate the fact that we are in the same profession, so it is easier to talk to them about certain frustrations that we all face in our daily working life.

Though it has been extremely difficult for the girlfriends and me to meet up due to our crazy hectic schedules, I truly appreciate all the short meet-ups.

28 Dec 2017

We decided to meet a few days before school reopens and also the last few days of the year. We met at Mukshidonna @ Downtown East. We wanted to try their army stew and it looked so appetizing.


The early birds could not wait for Nurul because we were hungry.


It was a seafood army stew and after trying out the one at Chai Chee (Mukbang Korean Restaurant), this did not taste as good. I am not sure if it was my loss of appetite recently in my first trimester but I felt the one at Chai Chee tasted so much better.

Finally reunited!


Our happy and sad faces now that holidays are ending lol.

Mukshidonna Singapore is located at Market Square @ Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue #02-324 Singapore 519599

7 January 2018

We did not expect Super Show to come to Singapore as early as January but I guess it is good to go to a concert before my tummy gets too big lol. First time having Fidah joining us and so excited to let her see our ahjusshi dorks lol. Also, we finally have an official lightstick!


As usual the show awesome! I love how the ahjusshis don’t really care about image anymore, it usually comes with age lol.  I wish we can attend the Super Show in Bangkok as well but it was scheduled to be the very next day. It has been 2 years without Super Show in Singapore so I am just glad we could make it!

It also felt like a reunion with other ELFs! It felt like I have been stanning these guys for years but it has only been like 3 – 4 years.


Hungry ELFs after concert.


I had really great time! Thankful for the husband for sending and fetching me from the concert venue. I wanted to bring him to the concert itself but he refused…..oh well, next time! Haha.

7 May 2018

Almost half the year went by without meeting the girls. For Fidah and me, we occasionally meet at NIE for our course but the work and assignments were just drowning us. Thankfully we were able to meet on the 7th May, Monday. It was the best day to meet as Nurul is off and Fidah and me were done by 3.30 pm.

We met at Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant @ Chai Chee.


Army stew again because I am craving. Lol.


Love that the place was not crowded at all, we could chit chat in peace and not worry about bumping into any of our ‘clients’ lol.

The bingsoo is a must try at Muk-Bang. The weather has been crazy hot lately and having bingsoo was a great idea.


I did not know the change in bus route and thus had to walk a long way before arriving. It was a really hot day and while I know many aunties and mommies recommended for me to walk a lot during the third trimester, I really do not see myself walking in this hot weather. Really. It is like 36 degrees out there. Perhaps I can go somewhere air conditioned? Then I can consider walking a lot in that environment.

Playing with Fidah’s handphone camera lol……


Thank you girls for taking time out with me!!!!!!! We would probably not meet so soon, perhaps after Eid celebrations or when I give birth lol. Let’s dua for a smooth, calm and happy months ahead.

Till, next meet up inshAllah!

Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant is located at  #01-02, Viva Business Park, 750 Chai Chee Road, Singapore 469000. Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily.