Feb in Bangkok Chapter 4: Thanks for the fruitful trip!

22 February 2018

Last day here in Bangkok today and I was too lazy and tired to go anywhere too far for food. Our flight is in the evening so we had the morning free. Walked around the area and took this selfie on the bridge of a busy Bangkok road lol.


We walked over to Platinum Mall and decided to have a MacDonald’s Breakfast. It was not too bad.


The street food! Yes, if only there were more halal stalls, I would have bought from all of them! This halal pad thai stall looks good and looking at how the Indonesia tourists were all queuing up to buy the pad thai, we decided to buy 1 packet back for lunch.


Went back to our hotel room and did last minute packing. The pad thai was yums….it was cheap and the serving was big! You gotta try this when you are here.

Our hotel may be small and budgeted but their service was the best. The rooms were clean and when there was an issue with the lights, the staff immediately came to fix it. They are also centrally located at the heart of Pratunam. You may want to consider staying here next time. Thank you Ideal Hotel Pratunam.


As usual, I wanted to be early at the airport because you never know what kind of delay you may face. Missing my flight once was enough to make me paranoid lol. It was crowded at the airport and I was just glad that we were early.

Chilling out while waiting to board. My husband needs to take better pics of me…… I always take such good photos of him right? See the difference.


That was the end of our trip! A short but enjoyable trip definitely! This was a last minute trip and everything, including air tickets and hotel bookings were only confirmed last month! Alhamdulilah for a smooth trip.

Thankfully we have tomorrow off so we could rest at home and unpack the luggage.


We arrived around 8.30 pm Singapore time. I told le parents that we could go back on our own if they are tired but they still came and pick us up. So nice…. decided to go for prata supper before heading home.


Looks like I will not be travelling anytime soon, as my tummy gets bigger and bigger. Please make dua for me, that all will be well!

Till next trip!