Feb in Bangkok Day 1: Hello baby!

19 February 2018

So the plan was to spend a second honeymoon in February aka my birthday month. I had 3 days of marriage leave still available and I needed to take it this term. How often can I travel for a week in February, in the middle of the school term? Never. So after discussion, we decided to go away for a few days. Prior to this, I had so many other destinations in my head that I have been dying to go (Japan especially because it is Sakura season) but after finding out that we are expecting a baby in July, I thought it would be best to go somewhere nearer and prepare for the arrival of the baby.

I suggested Bangkok for us to go shop for baby’s clothes and stuff. Furthermore, le husband has never been to Bangkok!

At the airport on a Monday morning for breakfast with le parents. They never fail to send me off each time I travel.


Thank you to le parents for sending us off!


Excited to fly off again, just the two of us, I am not sure if we will have this opportunity again in the future!


After a 2 hours flight, we arrived at DMK airport and quickly hailed a cab to check into our hotel. This was basically a really budgeted trip, we had booked a hotel in the Pratunam area, where it would be convenient to shop but locating our hotel was tricky in the midst of pop up stalls.

Finally checked it and rested for a while before heading out for a late lunch. We walked over to Central World and it took us about 15 minutes. Lunch at this seafood place where I know the food is yummy.


Everything was gone within minutes lol. Happy and full!


We were starving. Central World had these tents up and they were selling food and stuff, which looked yummy even though we were full.


We walked over to Platinum and decided to survey the shops. We had no plans to actually shop for stuffs today but the cute baby stuffs were calling us. The prices were also dead cheap, almost 1/3 compared to Singapore.

Before we know it……………..


Everything was sooooo cute and cheap and of good quality, it was hard to resist! Also, this is by far, the wackiest pose by my husband. He usually hates taking photos lol.

My favourite outfit, with matching shoes.


It was also my idea to bring an empty luggage because hello, what do people do in Bangkok? Shop shop shop! After packing, all the baby stuff took up half the luggage.


Therefore if you are coming to Bangkok with the intention to shop, do bring an empty luggage! Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow!