February Celebrations (2018)

28 February 2018

Usually February will be filled with meet up and gatherings with friends and family but I must admit, this year, it was minimal. Life was hectic with the course and work and I was also exhausted to the core daily. This second trimester was taking its toll on me especially when I have to travel for 2 hours to NIE and another 2 hours back. I was really only looking forward to rest.

However, it is tradition to meet up with this mother daughter pair because Xiaomei’s birthday is only 3 days away from mine and we have been celebrating together every year for almost 7 years! We were supposed to meet on a Friday after my work ends and before Xiaomei’s class starts at 6.30 pm. Unfortunately I was delayed at work so I was late! We had a super rushed chit chat and photo taking! We have yet to take our mandatory wefie with cake lol. Next time!

Oh and thank you for the baby rompers! It was baby’s first gift! We have yet to announce anything and only our close family members knew that I was pregnant.



Received this beautiful card from the boss in the first week of Feb. I am glad the boss realised the value of writing her wishes instead of getting it all printed in advance. Her message was also personalised for each staff and this beautiful card was designed by SWC. Thank you Ms Neo and SWC!


Saturday spent going for weddings and visiting my unwell uncle at Changi hospital. Joyce had invited us sotongs to her place for a Chinese New Year Celebration and since I had to be at so many places throughout the day, dragged the husband along to Joyce’s place.

How can I miss it? I miss Joyce and the sotongs so much and I have not met them since the wedding in September. What I thought was a CNY gathering, was also a celebration of birthdays!


Not forgetting my love, Madeline who assisted Joyce lol. Always so sweet of Joyce to order halal food for me each time I am invited to her place even though I tell her repeatedly that there was no need since we were full from attending 2 weddings. She still insisted I eat more lol.

With the husband.


Another surprise, made the unsuspecting Xiaomei come over after her class. Thanks mummy Katherine and everyone for planning everything so well. Now we have our photo together! Lol.



In a room full of people I love, what is not to like?


Thank you all!!! Also thank you mummies for all the pregnancy advices lol….I know I cannot escape you nagging ah haha. Missing Rena and Linda who was not able to make it at this time.


It was 7.50 am and guess who were singing ‘Happy birthday’ song in the office?


This was truly unexpected because my birthday won’t be here till next week and it is 8 am in the early morning lol. Apparently Cat said that since I will not be around next week (I took marriage leave on my birthday week), they decided to celebrate today, a week early!



Thank you for the advanced celebration!!

Spent a week in Bangkok and came back to celebrate my 2 partners’ birthday! Soh Kwan and Dennis, a day apart and 5 days after mine! So amazing that half the team is born in February lol.



Happy birthday my partners! Especially SK who has no choice but to listen to my complains and whines on a daily basis lol.

We finally managed to have time to go out for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did not even manage to meet up during dec holidays last year because everyone was away. We went to Mad Jack @ Nex because we were too tired to go anywhere further lol.




Thank you Cat for the treat!!!!!!!!!!!! Muacks. Also special thank you to Soh Kwan for this pillow! It is meant to support my growing tummy and it can also be used for nursing in the future. Thank you I love pillows!


A special delivery to home on my actual birthday. It was easy to predict it was from the bestie.


It was a box full of scrapbooking stuff, pillow and socks for the baby. Awww thank you Nurul, this baby is so blessed. Meet up soon!

Towards the end of the month, I received another surprise at work.


Nope, not from the husband but from Fidah! We were too busy with work and assignments to meet up for a meal for now so it was sweet of them to do this.


Thank you to everyone who painstakingly took efforts to celebrate. It is so wonderful to be around wonderful people and I guess that it the biggest present for me.

May you stay healthy, happy and be blessed with more abundance of rizq! Thank you for making my February lovely.