Feb in Bangkok Day 2: Lunch with Bon!

20 February 2018

The good thing about having friends overseas is we get to visit them whenever we pop over. It has been ages since I last traveled with Bon so this trip was a good mini reunion with her.

Set out to take the bts (train) to her workplace after she gave a series of instructions. Being the typically blur person who is bad at directions, I can always count on my husband for directions. He always seem so confident that he is right even though sometimes, he is not. Lol.


Surprised to see a beautiful garden by the train station right here in Bangkok. 3_zpsvr4hz7ui2_zpsowh9by8f5_zpsc71wustg4_zpso8csphia

Thank you Bon for walking over to pick us up halfway! Happy to finally see her!


We are here at her workplace and it was so grand, we almost felt under-dressed lol. I can also count on her to recommend all the yummylicious food.


This place is called Siam Tea Room and it has nice and calm ambience along with delicious food. Dessert was coconut ice cream.


Thank you Bon for accommodating to our schedule. I know work is incredibly hectic but I am just glad we got to meet for a meal. Thank you for the early birthday treat!!


We walked back to the train station and had to pass by the other side of the garden. I did not notice the flowers just now so look how gorgeous they are. It made the walk pleasant even though the weather was very hot.


We decided to check out Siam Paragon and Siam Centre today. They are next to each other and the malls are so big, you can get almost anything here.


When in Bangkok, never miss visiting an After You cafe!


As usual it was crowded and we had to take a number but trust me, it is worth it. The shibuya toast is too addictively delicious, you would want to keep coming back for it! After You needs to open an outlet in Singapore please.

We walked around the area and there were some lovely spots, perfect for photo taking.


All the walking was taking its toll on my lower back. My lower back has never been good, especially since the slip disc incident, I always make sure I take extra precaution these days. I am also thankful that I do not experience any nauseousness or vomiting so far in this pregnancy. This allowed me to work as per normal and attend my course like others. Alhamdulilah.


We are very excited for this change. I am worried if my body can take it at this age but at this stage I can simply tawakkal and hope for the best. Thank you le husband for always taking good care of me all these while.

We headed back to do prayers and rested for a while before going out again. We wanted to check out the Pratunam area but to our surprise, most stalls started packing at as early as 7pm. The streets were deserted by 8 pm.

Saw this banana pancake stall and of course I had to make the husband try it. This was the few stalls that were still opened.


We shall check out the area earlier tomorrow!