Cruise to Malaysia Chapter 2: Spending a whole day on board

17 December 2017

Today the ship will be sailing to Malaysia so we will be spending the time on board the entire day. There were some events and activities planned of course and we could choose to participate or otherwise.

We started the day with doing our Subuh prayer as a congregation at the top deck of the ship. It was windy and cold but I especially love doing prayers under the sky. There is a sense of serenity that comes with it, it reminded me of the times in Mecca, where I love to do the Subuh prayers on the rooftop, under the sky.

After Subuh prayers, there was a short tazkirah by Ustaz Zahid Zin. Meaningful yet humorous, love the preaching style. We went for breakfast after that. I was hoping to catch the sunrise but it was too cloudy. Nevertheless, the sky was just as beautiful.


Taking the opportunity for photo taking while doing a short morning stroll around the top deck of the ship.


We went back to our rooms to rest and sleep for a while. After all, it IS a holiday right? What is a holiday without sleeping in? We had a lot of time to rest and chill because the next item on our schedule was lunch lol.


The food was really formal and nice. We went for a stroll after lunch and realized that the people who chose to have their lunch at the top deck had mangoes as fruits and we did not so we sat down to enjoy the mangoes. #greedy


Meanwhile my bro and family were having a blast in the swimming pool. I would love to join but I am pretty sure the water will dry up as soon as I enter the pool.


Walking around the ship again after lunch. No scenery except the vast sky, the sun and the sea. Made my parents pose for photos like these lol.


And more…………… my husband needs practice in posing for photos. #seriously


Post lunch there was a panel discussion in the theatre but it was too crowded. We should have come earlier but we truly did not expect this crowd.


Well, it was a good topic. How often to we hear stories of repent from others? It reminds us that death is always near. I love how Sujimy, the host and the organizer of the cruise was able to instill facilitate an engaging discussion. Furthermore, the guest artist, Sheila Rusly was hilarious. The panel also included Ustaz Zahid Zin.

Le hubby and me were sitting on the stairs from the side of the stage on the 2nd floor.


Dinner, even though I was still full from breakfast lol. There was only so much we could eat.


We decided to walk around a little before heading back to our rooms. It was necessary to walk off the calories before going to bed. Spot Mama and Baba resting in this pic!


Day 3 tomorrow and we are stopping over at Penang! Can’t wait!