Cruise to Malaysia Chapter 1: Boarding

16 December 2017

So in July or June, le family asked if the hubby and me would like to join them in this  cruise. There was an early bird offer and the price for pretty reasonable for a 4 days 3 nights cruise. Furthermore it was organised by a local celebrity and we could feel rest assured about the halal certification of food on board.

When they asked us to join, we were not even married but we had no plans for Dec so we agreed. This would be our first time going on a cruise.


Actually I am not really a big fan of going on a cruise because I fail to see why I need to stay in a ship when I can spend that amount of time exploring new places and trying out new food in different countries. My definition of travel definitely does not involve staying put on a ship while it sails. I was slightly comforted when they said there would be stopovers in Penang and Langkawi and we can use the time to explore the city.

A wefie before boarding.


We board on the evening of 16th Dec and was told that we needed pay for wifi. I did not think it was worth it so I thought it would be good to be offline for a few days.

Our rooms were pretty small, apparently there are bigger rooms with balconies but of course they would cost more.


Our first dinner on board and the food looked really yummy.


There was a mandatory safety drill after dinner and we were briefed on what to do in case of an emergency.


During this time, the ship was still docked and has yet to sail. Enjoying the night view from Harbour Front Ferry Terminal.


We had time so we decided to explore the ship. We discovered that there are different rooms available like the lounge, the canteens, the restaurants, the theatre, the poolside and my favourite, the library.


Exploring the ship and spending time with little niece is love.


There was supper available and it was pizza! Italian pizzas are the best pizzas in the world ok so like us, everyone wanted to try it out.


Thus, it was so crowded that even finding a seat was difficult. We finally managed to find 2 seats but quickly finished our food and exited the canteen.

Day 2 tomorrow!