Shafnizam Weds Chapter 8: Post wedding smiles

After the wedding, we had one day to clean up and pack up before we leave for our short honeymoon. I only had 1 week of school holiday so we could not go for a longer honeymoon. Again, everything was so rushed so I was just glad that I could take a few days of break from assignments.

We slept in (we were so exhausted!) and joined le parents for lunch with our guest from overseas. They are due to return home today so it was good that we get to spend some time with them.

Lunch at Zam Zam.


Le parents drove them around to sightsee around the city. Thank you for coming all the way from KL!!!We are so humbled Cik Roslan and family were willing to come all the way to Singapore for the wedding!


After lunch, le husband had to run to work for a while (can you believe it?) so I went to meet Cik Ani for late lunch! A small treat for her for helping me a lot during the wedding!


A week later, we had a series of wedding to attend. Never in my whole life, I had so many weddings to attend so le husband and me were busy with that. First wedding we attended as husband and wife, was Sheena’s. She is my ex neighbour (I have known her since she was a little girl.) and she uses the same ‘mak andam’ / bridal services as me! I had to capture our reunion with Kak Rita!


Congrats Sheena and you look so gorgeous!

One week later I was reunited with my secondary school mates at Jamilah’s wedding! During the stressful period of doing wedding preparation, she was the one who often exchanged messages with me so I did not feel too alone.


Congrats Jamilah!! I am so happy for you! The journey of finding ‘The One’ was not easy for us, but it is worth it, Alhamdulilah!

Taking a wefie at her wedding because first time attending a malay wedding at Orchard area lol. #suaku


We also had other weddings to attend from le husband’s side of the family. It was a good opportunity to take the first wefie with my new family. Apparently they don’t take photos often enough too! Let’s practice.


Part of the malay tradition for married couples is to pay elderly family members from both sides a visit after the wedding. This is to allow the family members to get to know the new addition to the family better. Since le husband’s side of the family had more elderly, we went to visit with Mak. I did not manage to capture all the visits so here are some of it.


It was easier to request for a photo to be taken as a keepsake with my family as they are more used to my antics of taking photos of everyone all the time lol. They have also accepted the fact that I am slightly crazy thus they were more willing to do whacky poses for the photos. Heh.


Occasionally le brother, sis in law and little niece would tag along too.


Above all, I was happy to spend more time with le husband. I was still so busy with assignments and usually on weekends he would wait patiently for me to finish my assignments / work before making any plans. We took a while to complete visiting all the elderly in both family precisely because of this. I did not have any free time at all.

Thank you sayang for being so patient. Nevertheless, I was happy we could squeeze in some dating time here and there.


We even bumped into Fidah and mum during one of our dates! I love Fidah’s mum! She is always so cute and always speak good things about others. May He rewards you with better health and bigger rizq!


Looking forward to more adventures together. Looking forward to doing more ibadah with you. Looking forward to spending more time with you.


InshaAllah I will try my ultimate best to be the best wife to you. I love you till Jannah. ❤