Shafnizam Weds Chapter 7: Pre Wedding Preparations

We had only about 6 months to prepare for the wedding and that includes going for marriage preparation course, registering with the authorities, applying for a flat, preparing for our room and on top of all that, I was on course in NIE and it was extremely hectic with neverending assignments. I predicted that I will be busy when the course starts in Aug (a month before the wedding!) so I wanted to start doing preparations early, particularly in getting our room furnished and ready. I am so thankful le fiance back then was so understanding.

After the announcement on our engagement, I started to post photos of him on my social media since a lot of people were asking lol. Since he was still so awkward posing for photos, I only uploaded his back views. I did not expect everyone to be so curious about him and he accidentally became the ‘mysterious guy Afni is marrying‘. Lol. Prior to this, I have never uploaded a single photo to indicate I was seeing anyone so most people around me were shocked as they have always thought I was single.


We made several trips to IKEA and other furniture shops to hunt for stuffs for our room. I was pretty surprise that we did not get into any disagreement in choosing the furniture and simple deco. I can be stubborn cow at times haha. He was very patient and always gave in to me. I was not too fussy on the room but he was very meticulous about everything. This was his area of expertise so I could let it go and let him handle most of it.

Also thankful to le parents for sometimes driving us around from venue to venue. The amount of things to do preparing for a wedding, gosh, believe it or not, 1 week before the wedding I was still looking for an outfit for my solemnisation. I felt that the agreed outfit was too tight and was not suitable so I was on my own looking for a suitable one. As a bride to be, this was nerve-wrecking.


Thankfully I managed to find one outfit that was not too expensive. By this time, I was also rushing to complete my assignments. I was furiously typing away my assignment on the night before the wedding! Despite having guests coming over, I just had to focus and finish it because if not, I will not have the peace of mind to go through the wedding. It was crazy.

In the midst of chaos, I receive messages from friends who were not able to come for the wedding and wanted to pay me a visit before that. I know they are all busy people too, with work and kids but to make time to come and see me, thank you so much!! They could have just sent an apology text but being the kind people they are, they made this extra effort. Alhamdulilah and thank you Farhana and Nurul, may Allah swt repay you with an abundance of blessings.


Another fellow comrade of mine even made her way to school with her baby just to wish me and give me a gift! How thoughtful, thank you sweetie Farhanah.


Other big gifts, I was surprised by the generosity that everyone has blessed me with. Thank you. ❤


I also received help for my guestbook. Aida had offered to do one for me prior to the wedding and it was so gorgeous. Thank you darling!!!!!!!!!



This was done early so I had more time to get other things ready! One of it was getting the baskets and flowers ready for my flower girls.


A gift for my future sis in law, Kak Ila. It is a tradition to give a gift to the elder sister of the groom if she is single. I prepared and packed it all by myself.


I baked muffins for Cik Ani, Michelle and Muhidah and specially packed it like this for them as they had offered tremendous help during the wedding. This includes sponsoring for my photobooth and the gorgeous macaron tower. This is nothing of course, may Allah swt repay you with more rizq inshaAllah!


Last but not least, we had to packed the ‘bunga rampai’ into the globe the night before the wedding! Thank you Cik Asiah for helping mum and me till late night!!


I loved the cartoon on my invitation card and poster. I think it really reflects my personality (of being cartoonish haha). The shop was also able to put glasses on the groom so it really look realistic! It is also so much cheaper to get your wedding invitation card done in JB!


We also met up with Team Groom and finalised all the events. Thank you Sri and Team Groom for accommodating to our hectic schedules. Not forgetting my sis in law, Izzah and the 2 bridesmaids who are always around to assist me. What will I do without you?


Finishing touches. Getting the henna done was also the most difficult thing I have ever done. I had to sleep with my body and hands straight so as not to smudge anything. Thank you Nurul and Fidah for tucking me into bed since I can’t do much with my hands wrapped in plastic lol.


When it was ready, it was beautiful though.

Ready for solemnisation, I was surprisingly not nervous at all. Like mentioned, I was calm throughout because I had made dua on it and Allah swt had provided me with the best husband I can possibly have.


I still can’t believe Allah swt granted my dua after I was in full tawakkul about living the single life. It is like everything happened so fast but I guess when it is meant to be, everything will be eased.

Never underestimate the power of your dua. ❤