Book Review: Light Upon Light (Fadhilah Wahid)


‘The intention is a very powerful thing; it is the very foundation of all our actions and it determines not only the final outcome but the emotions and thoughts we have when doing the action.’

Completed this book is a shorter time during the 4 days cruise, simply because I had no internet. There was of course, but it comes with a hefty price so I thought it was a good opportunity for me to be disconnected for a while. The internet has been a major distraction for me, imagine the number of books I could have read if I was not this distracted. How many of us are swayed into this distraction as well? In those 4 days I was more mindful that I focus my attention on the people around me. I was no longer the person whose attention is stuck on the phone. While technology has advanced, I felt our human interaction has severely declined. Look around, how many people have their eyes on the phone while physically being with a loved one? I am guilty as well but I pray we don’t continue to fall into such plight.

This book was easy to read and it was like reading the author’s reflections. I am amazed at how mindful the author is of her surroundings. For instance, she shifted her focus on a bigger picture / purpose each time something bad happens. Instead of asking ‘Why me?’ when a misfortune happens, change it to ‘What is Allah swt trying to teach me?’

It is so important not to fall into victim mentality because our minds will automatically shut off any lessons or solutions. Being mindful that Allah swt has written your story for you helps you stay grounded and calm. Tawakkul, He knows what you don’t.

Thus say Alhamdulilah for all the good and bad that happened because each one serves a purpose that you may not understand. If not, you may miss what He us trying to tell you.

This book is filled with so many little gems and takeaways, it is impossible for me to include it all here. I had a hard lesson on correcting my intentions this year. I had to rethink my purpose in doing things and it forces me to reflect on what I truly want for myself and the future.

For instance, what is your intentions in wanting to get married, further studies etc? Are you doing it because society asks you to? Or your parents told you it is a must? Or is it a culture of everyone you know?

If yes then your intentions are unclear. You will struggle in the course of it. Purifying your thoughts and identifying your true intentions in wanting to get things done will help you feel at ease and peace with yourself, regardless of what the outcome is.

You can grab a copy from Wardah Books and be inspired yourself.

May we be mindful and constantly aware of His blessings and lessons customised for us.