Happy birthday to le brother!

31 December 2016

After resting for months in 2016, it looks like my 2017 will be a pretty busy year. I went back to work in the last week of December was given a ‘preview’ of how it is going to be like in 2017. I have to prepare myself for work and part time study. On personal side, a lot of changes are due to happen too, so I need to strategically conserve my energy and mentally prepare myself for what is to come.

Before all the chaos, let me enjoy the last day of the year! Getting organized and preparing for a new year by not making any plans to socialize lol. I do plan to be left alone because I work around people all the time and for introverts, it can be exhausting. Therefore, today I plan to do nothing but to go out and celebrate le brother’s birthday with the family!

Here at GreaThai at East Village. It is our first time here.


Loveeeeeeeee this 2 flavoured fish. One side is sweet and sour flavoured while the other side is flavoured with mango salad – thai style.


I love thai green curry! I have been wanting to go back to Bangkok to eat all the yummy seafood there! Maybe soon! All the dishes here were great, especially when I have not been eating well for the past week.

Sticky mango rice is a must have dessert whenever you visit a thai restaurant. The taste does not differ much from the ones I tasted in Thailand.


Happy birthday to le brother! I was in hurry to prepare a gift so I bought him chocolates and grabbed some other practical stuffs to be placed inside the gift bag lol. It has been a busy 2 weeks since we landed back in Singapore.


May you be blessed with better health, more wealth sprinkled with sprinkles of joy every day. May you also treat me to good food more often. Lol.


Too bad my little niece cannot be seen here! Our family wefie as usual! We should have taken one before we started eating but I guess we were all too hungry.

May we are blessed with more joyful moments such as these in the coming 2017!

GreaThai restaurant is located at 430 Upper Changi Road #01-06 East Village Singapore 487048.