First weekend of 2017 with much love

8 January 2017

Before January really kick start and I am swamped and overwhelmed with work and running errands, I thought I should do all the things I love as much as I can. The first few days of work was bearable, because classes have yet to start and timetable is not ready.

Friday was to meant to be workout day but Mad was able to meet for a short while and I needed to get the oils from her anyway so I ended up meeting her at 5pm.


It feels like ages since we meet, just the two of us. I miss my love so much, she has always been the very few people I confide to about everything and she has always been so understanding and supportive.


My motto now after all the grievances I went through, live life to the fullest now and treasure everything and everyone. You never know when they will be take away from you.

Saturday wedding with the family. Guess who I met while taking food! Kak Nor!!!! Miss her lots and we found out that she was related to le bae’s family! Which means, we will be family soon too! We were too excited lol.


Bumped into others too and I spent the time there entertaining little niece who was cranky. But she was good again when it is time to pose for photos lol. How cute. You have been trained well by me, little niece.


I was happy to go home early to rest because I truly needed it! It was stressful to go to a wedding and know that people are going to be looking at me. Haiz.

Sunday with little niece and kids’ gym!


Little niece takes after me too. She is too impatient. Could not wait to go into the gym, could not wait for instructions (she was doing her own things instead lol) and could not wait to try out all the equipments there lol. I was tired just watching her and catching her on video lol. I am the paparazzi aunt but then without me, the memories would not be captured.

Late lunch at Commonground yay!


Thank you for trying to feed me spoonfuls of water even when I do not need it lol.

Food was good….I was too full.


Strawberry cheesecake as dessert thankfully was shared among 4 of us!


Also decided to let Fidah join us so I can pass her a tudung and she in return loan me a different tudung because I forgot to bring one for aquarobics later. Thank you Fidah!


Upon arrival at the gym, did prayers and went for SF class. It was soo good to stretch and realize how lousy I was. I had 30 mins break after class before going for aquarobics by Xiaomei! First time attending and I love it!!!!!!!!!! It was pretty exhausting ok, hopefully I can come on a weekly basis even though I know it will be difficult.


Thank you Xiaomei for the hug and always for taking care of me aka nagging at me. I really love her aqua class! I will be back!

I went back home and rested for a while before packing my bag and getting ready for a week of work. My whole body was starting to ache which was good, and I know I have to be mindful about keeping my work life balance in check.

I think I spent my weekend the best way I can and of course I had to document it, for memory keeping. 🙂