Reunion with foodie friends

29 December 2016

You know you are in the right crowd of friends when everyone is enthusiastic to eat seafood together. Our much missed Winston was recently back in Singapore (he left last year) for Christmas break so we decided to meet up for one makan date.

Also joining us was Eric, who also left for Australia a few years before so it was like a wonderful ‘reunion dinner’!

We had meeting all day so we left together from work. Joanne and me were the first to arrive partly because we were starving.


In fact, we decided to order some appetizers first so that we could munch while waiting. #greedy


This place is not new to me. It is le parent’s favourite place to buy chicken rice. We came here a few times for birthday celebrations too. About a month before, Winston suggested that we go for a seafood dinner because where else can we get the best chilli crab if it is not in Singapore? Thus, I suggested this place.

The food here is relatively reasonable and tasty, definitely worth every cent. If you are in Singapore even for a short while, you have to try our chilli crab!


Nowadays, the chefs are creative so here we have salted egg yolk crab!


The best way to eat this is with your fingers so you can lick your fingers clean lol. Do not worry about getting your hands dirty because the sink is only a few steps away.

Always nice to chit chat over food. It is rare that we get to do this at the workplace because everyone has different schedules and break times. It was also nice to hear what it is like teaching in Australia, in a much less stressed environment. I have been thinking about it for years. I am unsure if I want my future kids to grow up in this intensely demanding and stressful environment but I guess I still have a few years to make a decision.


Ok so far, I like what I am hearing so Winston and Eric, if I do decide to bring my family over, I shall seek your help!

As if eating seafood dinner was not enough, we gotta go for coffee and dessert. This Fresh Fruits Lab cafe was next to the seafood restaurant.


Complimentary drinks served in test tubes and beakers. How creative.


One wefie together before we part our ways. I really enjoyed our time together! We looked like we are not fully ready in this pic and that is true, thanks to Winston!

Take care and have a safe trip back and let’s gather for makan session again when you are back! Food marathon in Singapore!!

Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant is located at 359 Changi Rd, Singapore 419821.