Last week of work 2016

25 November 2016

You know coming back to work after 6 weeks of medical leave was exciting. I basically skipped 6 weeks of the busiest time of the year and came back to work at the end of the term. I honestly did not plan it like that, it was a mere coincidence and strict instructions by the doctor surgeon.

I do love my job a lot (which is why I have been doing it for the past 10 years) but the amount of paperwork and the unnecessary stress from mundane duties and unreasonable people has taken its toll on me. In the beginning of the year, I was so stressed out and depressed from having to deal with so many issues, and coping with the grief of losing a close colleague, I almost wanted to throw the towel. I have never felt so helpless. Thankfully I am blessed with such wonderful and supportive colleagues who went all out to help me.

In fact, this job has never been a smooth sailing journey but every now and then, I am surprised by a kind gesture, a warm hug, a helping hand, comforting words and sincere words of appreciation that has somehow kept me going.

Even though I was at home, I could not help but felt guilty for my colleagues who had to run around and cover my duties. I knew exactly how it felt and how crazy it must have been because I just went through it in the beginning of the year. Due to that, I tried my best to help them with whatever I could from home.

Coming back to a whole week of meetings. Looking around, I think I am the only one who is well rested. Lol.


I was shocked to hear that a fellow colleague and an ‘orang kampung’ will be moving to HQ. Shai came into this workplace with me 10 years ago and throughout the years he has consistently and conveniently asked me for papers, scissors, eraser, pen, biscuits lol. It just so happened that I sit next to the printer and so I am the perfect person to ask for all these lol.


Will definitely miss this one. He is the gossip king ok, and I also like how he is always so funny, be it intentionally or not lol. Special gift from the orang kampung girls. #wearenotminahs


Since it is our last few photos together, we gotta ‘convert’ him into one of us!


On Tuesday we ended work earlier than expected so that means, we have time for tea! Drove over to Malayan Council because the durian pengat cake was calling us.


With my new partner and my makan kakis. Welcome back Joanne!! You must have missed me right? Lol. Looking forward to more tea time especially when the going gets tough!


On Wednesday we had the opportunity to be creative. I never thought I would be able to do this so yay! Using nicely designed napkins to decorate a plain pouch. Feeling proud of myself because I don’t usually have the patience to do these kind of things lol.


Another sad news. Saying goodbye to another orang kampung! I will miss Nurul very muchhhh!!! She is always so cheerful and such a joy to be around with!


Will definitely miss these two!! Keep in touch and please feel free to come visit us anytime!


Thank you for the giftssss!!!! ❤

Time to rush back because our annual dinner and (little) dance was scheduled to be on Friday night. I came slightly earlier to help out. Here are the pretty ladies greeted everything and everyone with smiles!


Guess the theme?



Greek royalty and pretty lady in kebaya. Then there is me, the outcast haha. So interesting to see everyone dress up because let’s be honest. No one really ‘dress up’ in our workplace due to the nature of the job.



A group photo with the people at my table. We are most definitely the laziest group to dress up because no one could tell we were representing Korea! Lol. Actually we were dressed up like kpop girlbands in blue and colourful outfits but I think we a bit fail. Lol.


With the ladies of orang kampung! Ok I don’t know why we are doing a malay dance pose lol.


Managed to get everyone for this photo. I think this is the first time ever we have full attendance!! Presenting all the muslimahs of our workplace! I don’t know why we all look like we are attending a wedding dinner instead lol.



Saying our goodbyes. The crying sisters….


Don’t worry ok, we can always schedule makan dates next year. Sobs.


I must say that even though it has been a really tough year at work (the toughest in 10 years!) my colleagues made it all worth it. The atmosphere at work and also everyones’ ability to stay calm during crisis is something that I envisioned when I first started out.

Special thank you to everyoneeeeeeeee who helped me when I was in pain from slip disc. From sending me home, sharing cab with me, helping me carry books, helping me heat up my food, helping me do the physical work…..the warm hugs, the well wishes, the visit at home, the sweet notes, the food / gifts left on my table, I am thankful and blessed. I would not have survived the year without everyone’s kind hearts. ❤

Guess I am staying here till I grow old lol.

Have a good break and see you in Jan 2017 for another crazy busy year!