Joyce’s birthday gathering aka Ahjumma fangirls club gathering

20 November 2016

I love November. Most of my closest friends (and family) celebrate their birthday in November thus, there are a lot of makan gatherings that I love. Despite our crazy busy schedule we finally managed to find a date where everyone can make it.

I feel sorry for making the birthday girl wait. Joyce was super early while the rest of us sotongs were lost on our way there. What is new? Lol.


Why did we decided to gather here is because we have craving korean food for forever lol. That is the thing about being kdrama fans. We always crave for their food too. Let’s order to our hearts’ content today!

Chicken is a must! Korean style chicken are usually marinated and highly flavoured which makes eating them finger licking good.


Crispy fish. I remember eating this dish in Jeju and I never really found a replacement for it in Singapore.




Other dishes that we like. I miss seafood pancake especially the one at Nami Island.


The newly converted as kdrama fan Linda. I think she is the only one with the korean style outfit today. The rest of us are in lazy Sunday outfit.


Happy birthday Joyce!!!!!!!!! I insisted we celebrate her birthday even though everyone is so busy. That is the thing about life and friendships isn’t it? Unless, we make time to meet, our friendship would not have lasted for so many years.


She is always so thoughtful. I remembered how she was so eager to visit me in the hospital right after my surgery and she was also so terribly worried about me the entire time. Thank you for caring for me so much! ❤ She said no gifts so I made her the most heartfelt card I could ever do.


This is her being ‘mummy’ and stirring the bibimbap before distributing it equally among us. I always feel like such a child with her around lol.


After so many years of knowing her, I still think she is the nicest person around! She is selfless and always worry and care about others more than herself. I always nag to her about her own health. Injured people (like me) cannot chiong too much lor. Can someone help me by nagging at her too?


Joyce meeting Linda here is like a gathering of 2 long lost kdrama buddies.


They found so many things in common and ended up conversing into a world of their own. I knew this was going to happen so I had to entertain Madeline, Rena and myself.

18_zpsahgv0q7gIn fact, they were so lost in their own conversations that they did not realized the three of us has transformed into cats.


Love the fact that all my sotongs are so sporting! Photo taking with the birthday girl.


Actually we have been communicating in our group watssapp almost everyday. Except for Rena, who has yet to be converted into a kdrama fan, the rest of us are all avid fans of kdrama. It was only recently that we found out that we have all fallen for the same guy.

Ji Changwook! We don’t care that he is younger that all of us, we still like him a lot! #ahjummafangirl


This photo was Changwook’s photo on our phones was Linda’s idea lol.

I will not elaborate on what type of conversations we have in our group wattsapp but if you ever need recommendations on which kdrama to watch, you gotta ask these ladies!

These ladies and sotongs are like wine. The longer they are, they crazier better they get. I was pretty sure people from outside thought we were all drunk judging by the kind of laughter we were displaying. Lol.

Always happy to meet these ladies and even happier to celebrate their birthdays. Your presence in my world has brighten it so much. In your absence, I am like a bee longing to visit a flower during winter.

Here’s to more laughter and healthier and happier moments together. ❤

Seoul Garden HotPot: 60 Paya Lebar Road, #01-05/06