Closer to nature @ Bedok Reservoir

20 November 2016

The plan was to go to the gym early in the morning for light exercises. We started this routine of exercising on weekend mornings in order to build up our stamina for our upcoming trip. I suggested a few different routines so le parents will not be bored. I am also in the process of recovering so this arrangement was good for me too.

Yesterday, I brought le parents to the gym for the first time and they really liked it. Just warm up on the treadmill, a few minutes of biking and stretching. Something small and simple. Perhaps in the future we can do light resistance and strength training but for now, we start small first.

I thought it would be boring to go to the same gym again today so I suggested we go to a gym at a different community centre. However, when we arrived, we realized that there were no discount for senior citizens. Furthermore, the gym was crowded with muscular guys furiously working out so I thought le parents might feel awkward. In the end I suggested we take a walk at Bedok Reservoir.


Loving the greenery that greeted us! It was also shady and not too hot, perfect for a stroll.


Such peaceful views. I have been deprived of being close to nature for the past 8 months.



It was my first time here too. Usually we simply drove past Bedok Reservoir, we never really took the time to explore more. Can’t resist taking all the photos lol.


After we do speed walking, we did some stretching and loosening exercises. It was pretty enjoyable.


We did not walk around the entire reservoir, perhaps next time! Furthermore, the sky was starting to look dark indicating that rain may soon fall.


We shall be back!

Rushed home to shower, change and go Joyce’s birthday lunch. When I came home these little niece greeted me at the door. ❤


Just a few hours a week to play with her is enough to make me happy.

Quick family dinner after Isyak prayers even though I was still full from lunch. Oklah, I love anything egg lol.


Simple day spent with loved ones. I am loving my weekends very much, I would not want to miss capturing it all through photos.

Till next weekend!