Weekend trip to KL: First trip of 2016

1st January 2016

So my brother and sister in law wanted to go to KL for a weekend getaway at the start of the year. I was actually reluctant to go, especially knowing that I start work at 6.45 am on the first Monday of the year, but the thought of spending time with my little niece was enough to make me change my mind.

Frankly I have not been to KL for years. The traffic jams, the crowd, the people, there were too many similarities between Singapore and KL. Why would I choose to go to city almost similar to mine for a vacation? Nevertheless, I was open minded enough to explore and check out the things that the family have been raving about KL.

Breakfast at Changi Airport. Looking forward to spending more time with this little girl!


Actually, another reason why I agreed to go on this trip was because I felt my mind could do with a little break after all the meetings in the last week of December. It looks like 2016 will be a tough year at work for me, with my partner gone. I cannot remember the times I worked without a partner. 8 years of working together, of course we were close. I try not to dread work but it is difficult to get over her departure especially when I have to continue all her good work. A part of me will always remember her and I will probably be grieving my entire life.

Bye Singapore for a little while.


Travelling with the le family this time.


The flight journey  only took an 1 hour and as soon as we arrived, we hopped onto this van to head to KL.


Looking very excited as you can see.

We were supposed to check in but our room was not ready so we decided to go for lunch first. Yup, even though we JUST had breakfast like 2.5 hours ago. This is a vacation right!



Our hotel was right next to Berjaya Times Square so it was easy to look for a restaurant to have our lunch. This is KL! We can eat everything here because almost everything is halal!

This is also my first time staying here in this hotel. It was spacious! I am happy with any comfortable bed.


The view of KL city from our window.


My niece love walking around the spacious room. She has a fascination towards remote controls too.


After resting for a while, we got ready to head out again. We were only walking distance from a shopping spree so get ready to say goodbye to money.


2 hours of shopping and we were at dinner. Lol.


We retreated back to our rooms to rest. My feet was already aching from all the walking. The sunset from our room.


Actually I love some free time at night when I travel. It allows me to do what I like the most, surfing the internet for random nonsense and journaling. Still journaling about my New Zealand trip in December.


The only I ended up buying today was stationery. Yup, being the stationery addict, I could not resist purchasing the wide variety of washi tapes available here.

I will have more time tomorrow to eat till I am fat and shop till I drop!