Road tripping around New Zealand Chapter 12: Best cinema experience @ Paradiso Wanaka!

3 December 2015

Like mentioned in my previous entry, it was raining so we headed out to Puzzling World. When we arrived, it was so crowded! I guess everyone in Wanaka had nothing else to do on a rainy day but to drop by here.


So taking photos by these interesting looking buildings were ok, but only for a while. We went over to do rock climbing for a while (the two young girls did it while le bestie and me simply sat down lol) and hike up Mt Iron. By the time we headed back to our room, we were exhausted.

You know, we wanted to make full use of our time in Wanaka so we decided to go watch the movies!! Apparently, there is only one place in the entire Wanaka that screens movies.


When we arrived, we were puzzled at how small the place was. Coming from the city, there are no cinemas this small in our country. Effa even thought that perhaps it was only a large screen tv lol.

We were wrong. We were amazed when we entered the place!


The entire place was so warm and cosy! It was like being transported back in time in this vintage style little building. There were movie posters everywhere and we went from rooms to different corners of the place simply taking photos because we have never seen anything like this.


The cafeteria and my cuzzie who was sitting down quietly not pretending to know us crazy people. Lol.


The best part about the cinema are the seats inside the theatre!


We quickly went to the sofa to sit and it was so comfortable. I was so sure I would fall asleep in the middle of the show. There were small cushions provided too. We could lay down and watch the movie and no one would care.

There other non-sofa seats were equally comfortable too but we wanted to lay down lol.


Halfway through the movie, there was intermission and people were allowed to go out for toilet break or get anything from this counter. Guess what! They just baked chocolate chip cookies and the delicious freshly baked smell of chocolate cookies were lingering in the air. It was impossible not to be attracted to buy it! Almost everyone went out to buy the cookies and hot drinks.

After purchasing the food we went back inside and apparently, they waited for everyone to return back to their seats before playing the movie again. How thoughtful!!

In fact, I really fell asleep halfway because the seats were too comfortable! The entire experience was amazing and the ticket only cost us $15. I wish there are these kinds of cinemas in Singapore! They screened different movies at different times so be sure to check their sites before you go.

Cinema Paradiso is located at 72 Brownston Street, Wanaka, New Zealand. You can check out their website here.