Weekend trip to KL: Friendship across borders

2nd January 2016

After our morning breakfast, we decided to split into two groups since we have different interests. I followed the brother in sister in law to Pavilion. Apparently it is a new shopping mall with lots of shops and places to eat. It was going to be my first time there.

From Berjaya Hotel, we walked to Pavilion under the hot sun.


You have no idea how happy I was to be inside because air con! Looks like the decorations from Christmas were all still up. #puterililin


Too many food places to choose from so we opted for yogurt!


We then opted for more cool down drinks! Jco provided free wifi so we decided to sit there for a while. I love a vacation where I do nothing but eat and sleep.


My niece was wondering why there were no drinks for her lol.


We separated for a while because the brother and sister in law went ahead to do some shopping while I go meet my friends from KL.

Hi Connie and Halimah!! This time meeting in KL!


They brought me to Kyochon chicken. It is a fast food outlet from Korea. Kyochon has currently opened up chains in Malaysia and Indonesia but it has yet to open to Singapore.


I was already full but they invited me to eat with them. Ok, the chicken were so tasty! I ate even though I was full lol.

Believe it or not, I first met these ‘unnies’ in a year ago in Seoul. It was freezing cold and we instantly clicked. After that, we bumped into each other again in Mouse Rabbit (this really cool cafe opened by very handsome owner) in Seoul. We exchanged contacts and stayed in contact via social media. A few months ago, they were in Singapore and now I am in KL. It is amazing how we meet in different countries.

We walked around and decided to go to SPAO, also recently opened in KL.


Our favourite dongsaengs / babies in front. We just had to….


Thank you unnies for the wonderful time! Time really felt too short!! Hope we get to meet again in Singapore, or even in Seoul, who knows. 🙂


I had to rejoin my brother and sister in law who was waiting for me in the foot massage place. It is a must to visit the massage place whenever we are in Malaysia because the cost is so much cheaper than in Singapore.

My niece does not look too pleased with all the waiting lol.


Still love you!


It was a good relaxing foot massage. I have flat feet so walking too much tend to make my feet ache.

Once we were done, we were off to meet le parents and his friend. This is Baba and Cik Roslan from KL.


Two families at dinner.


First time here at this restaurant and the food was pretty good. I felt like I ate too much today.


Apparently they got to know each other in Singapore and also, stayed in touched. It is amazing social media can bloom friendships across borders.

Apart from celebrating our friendship and reunion, we were also here to celebrate my brother’s birthday.


One family portrait with my little niece.


Catching up over food is always a good idea.

Since we were going back to Singapore tomorrow, we decided to simply hang out. Pavilion’s christmas decorations made the place so beautiful and pleasant to the eyes.


We truly had a wonderful time. Thank you Cik Roslan and family for your generosity and hospitality. We are so blessed to have made good friends from Malaysia.


Please let us know when you are coming to Singapore. We will make sure to be good hosts as well. Thank you and see you soon insyAllah.