Happy birthday Bie!!

30 December 2015

It is the second last day of the year and what better way to spend your time than with your lovely friends. I think those born in December are charmed, it is the month when most of the adult population are in a good mood, with Christmas and all the other holidays happening close to one another.

Therefore, in December, when we celebrate birthdays, we are usually in a good mood.

We finally met at Richmond Station cafe located at Bali Lane. I was from work and this was probably one of the rare times that I am not the last one to arrive lol.

1 2 3

How many years have we been celebrating each others’ birthday? 6? 7 years? Many years has passed and our 2 da jies remained youthful looking leh. What sorcery is this?

4 5

As usual while waiting for people to get ready, we, who are always ready to take selfie, shall proceed first.

6 7 8

Bie and Ju who always bully Hui Mei, most of the time without her realizing it lol. I love capturing candid photos such as these.

9 10 11

This is a pretty new cafe and it was our first time here. Since I was starving from work, I could not wait to dig in.

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My choice was this sweet and savoury banana pancake with bacon. This place serves breakfast food all day yay!


Dessert was shared among 6 of us, as usual because everyone worries about gaining weight.


We were actually dining on the second floor of the cafe where there were more bigger tables. It was full house and I was pretty sure we were the loudest table.

12 13

Thank you for the fans Hui Mei! In these two photos, do we look like a bunch of elegant dancers of chinese dance?


Ah, always nice to catch up, laugh at each other, gossip and take crazy photos together.

My gift for everyone was nothing much but I did spend quite a long time stamping their names because I wanted it to be personalized.


Happy new year Bananas!!!! ❤ See you guys again in February for Sheila’s birthday. 🙂

Richmond Station cafe is located at 17 Bali Lane.