New year’s eve with loves

31 December 2015

You know you are old when you prefer to usher in the new year quietly, some in front of the tv, some with close ones and some in their own beds. In my youth when I was not allowed to go out at night, I often wonder what it was like to go to a new year’s party and do the countdown together with the rest of the hyperactive peeps.

In my twenties, even though I could do that, I didn’t. I started off my journey as a working adult in my very early twenties and perhaps that is why I would prefer to stay home and sit lazily on my couch while doing the countdown.

Now in my thirties, I do not even bother to stay up. I fail to understand what the fuss is all about. I do not see the point of going to a new year’s eve party when I know that going home will be a challenge. It will be crowded and public transportation would have ceased by then. Cab fares will cost a bomb due to midnight charge, I mean, why go through all that trouble when you can be at comfortable at home?

Therefore, this year, I was more than happy to spend new years eve with close friends. We don’t meet each other in workout class that often anymore and I have been meaning to catch up with these friends for a while but it has been an extremely hectic year.

I was early and gave Joyce and Fay a choice on where to eat. Guess what, they chose Richmond Station no thanks to my photos from the night before since the food looks good. I was not fussy so we made our way there.

Since we are quite a big group, we took the a table on the second floor and unlike yesterday, the place was empty. We had the whole 2nd floor to ourselves!

1 2

While waiting for the rest, we took selfies and send the photos to the group wattsapp so that they will be annoyed lol.


I was starving and persuaded these two loves to order truffle fries as appetizer first so I could eat lol.


The truffle fries are damn delicious.

Belated birthday and christmas gift for Fay jie!


I was thrilled when my love Madeline finally arrived and wanted to take a decent selfie with her but some people like this dinosaur and Fay jie just had to photobomb our photo. Lol.


Time to order food! Yay! We could not bear to order food first without Mad.

7 8

Even though it was my second time here in two nights, I was not sick of the food.

9 10 11

Life is sweeter with sweet friends and sweet dessert.


This butterscotch cake and cheesecake were so yummylicious! I would definitely come back for more after a few workouts lol. 

13 14

Our usual squeezed-head wefie. I said ‘cross eye everyone!’ before taking the second shot but then Fay jie suddenly exclaimed she did not know how, thus the sad face and I was trying not to laugh lol. The others are more used to it! Yay!


May this 2016 bring you more joy, health and laughter. I learnt this year that life is too fragile and precious, which is why I take lots of photos. Treasure life as it is and be contented with the blessings.

Thank you for the lovely time and for always pampering me with your love. Muacks. ❤