Short Getaway to Port Dickson / Melaka: Chapter 3

20 December 2015

It was time to leave the hotel. Even though our time here in Malacca was too short, I still thought that it was a good trip because I managed to spend time with my little niece.

Started the day with another buffet breakfast. I think le parents really enjoy eating buffet breakfast.


The buffet breakfast was good even though it was not as luxurious as the one in Grand Lexis but oh well, there is only so much you can eat. After breakfast, mum and me went for quick shopping at the building next to the hotel. Hatten Hotel is centrally located in the middle of all the malls, both old and new so it would be a waste not to walk around and shop even for a while.


Trust me, even for a while, the damage was badly done lol.

We went back to the hotel for a short rest and guess who was around?

3 4

This photo of mum kissing my little niece is my favourite photo of the trip! Look at her expression lol.


Basically we were just rolling around on bed and playing with her. I was trying to snap as many photos as possible.

6 7 8

Ok time to leave. Happy birthday Munawwarah!!


Our drive put of Malacca took ages because there was a massive traffic jam. We stopped by Mydin to shop for a while and then head to Umbai for the famous ‘ikan bakar’. The restaurant, named Ikan Bakar Parameswara Restaurant, was situated by the sea.

11 12

Translation of poster below: Walk on this, at your own risk. Thanks for the warning lol.

13 14

Umbai is a town between the Jasin-Central Melaka border in Malacca, Malaysia. Since we were close to the sea, the entire restaurant was pretty to me.

15 16 17 18 19

The famous ‘ikan bakar’ (baked fish).


We ordered other stuffs too.


At this restaurant, you can pick your preferred fishes and other seafood fresh and they will cook it for you. The seafood is delicious mainly because of this. Due to this, the wait for your food may take some time. You can entertain yourself by checking out the view and taking selfies lol.

21 22

Since we were there in the evening, we were blessed to see the sunset!! I love the beautiful view!

23 24

I was too full from all the food! We started to drive back to Singapore at about 7.30 pm. Last foodie for this trip at our stopover. Lol.


It was a short and enjoyable trip! I am not really a fan of short trips because I think it is tiring to pack and unpack for a few days, but with my niece around it was so enjoyable. #crazyaunt

Looking forward to the next short trip, which will be in 2 week’s time!