Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 3: Windy and Gorgeous South Brighton Beach

29 November 2015

I was rather excited to meet the family here. I have never met the kids before and it has been so long since I last saw the sisters. Cik Ana picked us up from our apartment to the pizza place.

I was not really hungry since we had late lunch and I was still going to and fro the toilet so I was a little weak physically. However when I met the kids, I was suddenly energized lol.

First time meeting Sheree’s kids! Cheeky Nixon and Cyrus, look at how fast the warmed up to us.


The youngest girl, Iyla. Look how cute!

3 4

The bestie and Effa trying to carry her..the word is ‘trying’ lol. I guess she was not familiar with us. Maybe because we looked different haha.


With my handsome twin cuzzies. The last time I saw them two years ago, they were shorter than me lol.


Samantha! I still remember her parading in dresses and flowers on her head when she was a kid. She could not stand our tropical weather in Singapore so her cheeks would often turn red whenever we go outdoors. How time flies! This is Shayla, her beautiful daughter.


Our very long table at dinner.


It was so cute when Brooklyn insisted that he sits next to me. He is so friendly and he was amused by the magic wallet I brought from Singapore, personally sewn by my auntie Mdm Twister.

Trying to take a group photo with the kids was challenging but hey, it is nothing new to us knowing our profession.

8 9

Since it was still early, Cik Ana suggested going over to South Brighton Beach. Actually I have seen photos of the beach from Corrine’s and Alex’s instagram accounts a lot, so of course I was excited. I mean, we did not really get to explore Christchurch more during the day and we are heading out for the road trip tomorrow.

I knew the beach was going to be beautiful but I did not expect it to be cold and windy. Lol. I was not in the right attire and was freezing cold but hey, I am only going to be here at this beach once, so as long as I do not freeze to death, I shall stay!

10 11 12

Finally photos of us looking like tourists lol.

13 14 15

Trying to smile and look decent for the camera while battling the cold and strong wind…………

16 17

The twins stayed nearby and the often come here and go running. What a lovely place to run. If we have such beautiful places to run, I would be so fit jogging everyday without fail.

18 19 20

Look at these two boys running around full of energy. I would run after them but….I am old.


As the sky gets darker, the beach gets more beautiful too. I love the wild flowers growing by the side.


Trying to take photos of our faces as quickly as possible before it gets dark! Look how beautiful the sea is behind us.

23 24

Awww our time with the boys was too short.

25 26 27 28

Thank you lovelies for meeting with us and bringing us here! Apparently it was a school night!!


It is a pity Corrine had to work and could not join us. With that, tomorrow we are off to our road trip for 9 days! Corrine would have no choice but to be stuck with us lol.

Can’t wait!