Of belated birthdays and rabbits

23 December 2015

Actually I am kinda glad that I came back earlier from holiday this year. Usually I am only left with one week before starting work and it is often a challenge to fit all the meet ups I wanna do with friends. This time, I had about 3 weeks to meet up with everyone close.

My babyface cuzzie left for umrah when I was in NZ thus I was not able to send her off from the airport but she is due to arrive back in Singapore today so I wanted to be there.

There was slight flight delay so we were all waiting around.

1 2 3

It has been said that it would be good to be around whenever a person come back from Mecca, so that we can the blessings from it. I sincerely hope to return back to Mecca one day too.

At 3.45 pm, they finally came out.

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Welcome back!!! May we all get a chance (another) to be back there soon insyaAllah.

We went to eat chicken at 4 Fingers really quickly because I am supposed to be in jazz class at 5.30 pm. I am so happy to be able to make it for this class. I will probably not be able to make it when work starts. 😦 I shall enjoy it while it last.

Rushed over to Mad’s place for our gathering. We have been wanting to celebrate Joyce’s birthday for ages but everyone was so busy, it was difficult to find a common time to meet. I was not going to miss this gathering so I rushed from Tampines to Sengkang, not before getting lost in Tampines AND Sengkang. Gosh. #sotong

Even though I was almost an hour late, I was relieved to be there! So happy to see everyone and finally had the chance to see her rabbits!


After eating, I just had to get myself inside the cage to play with the rabbits. I usually play with cats, but rabbits are new to me.


The rabbits were scared of me at first but Joyce, being the rabbit expert showed me how to handle them so that they would not be too scared of me lol. Here is Dora and Belle!

11 12 13

They are too adorable!! One of them was more timid and refused interactions but I after they warmed up, they were all over me. I like. I actually have it on video lol.

Ice cream cake from Gillian! Thanks it was delicious!


Happy belated birthday Joyce. Stay healthy and continue to be a blessing in everyone’s lives.


We love you and we want to see you happy, because you deserve all the love and respect in the world.


Hopefully you can continue to pamper me and call me ‘Yang’ even when I am old. Love you many manyyy………… ❤


It was also Rachel’s belated birthday so let’s celebrate it too.


May you continue to grow into an even more beautiful lady than you already are. Enjoy every bit of youth while it last. 🙂

Most importantly, enjoy the love and company of your crazy and whacky godparents lol.


Cutting cake ceremony but the cake was too hard lol.


We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
Times forever frozen still

Photograph- Ed Sheeran 

21 22

Thank you for the great company and laughter. Time always feels too short whenever we are together.


I shall catch up on all korean dramas before our next meet up!