Road Tripping Across New Zealand Chapter 2: Strolling around the neighbourhood in Canterbury

29 N0vember 2015

We were totally exhausted last night after our long flight I think we slept at almost 3 am. It is no wonder we took a while to get out from bed this morning.

The plan was to explore Christchurch but unfortunately my condition has only worsened so Corrine suggested we pay the doctor a visit.


I am so sorry for making everyone wait. We could have started our holiday yet we are all here at the clinic. Thank you for waiting! As suspected, the doctor diagnosed my condition as bladder infection and gave me strong medication for the next 3 days. I was worried on whether I could still proceed with the road trip. I could only hope for the best because currently, I just cannot seem to part from the toilet for more than 30 minutes.

This was actually my first time being so sick overseas. Since I was not a local, the charges were exorbitant so thank goodness for travel insurance! I wanted to quickly get out of the clinic and proceed with the day. We headed to the nearby mall for lunch since we haven’t had any food for the day.

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I was starving yet I was not in the mood to eat until I fully recover. My mind keep thinking about my bladder and the toilet. It was a nightmare.

Nevertheless, I did not want to spoil the day for everyone else so I tried my best not to whine too much lol. We were supposed to meet the rest of the family for dinner and Corrine had to go back to work for a while so that gave us some time alone at our apartment.

Since we had nothing much to do, we wanted to explore the neighbourhood. I found this apartment from AirBnB and after an exchange of message with the house owners, I finally booked it. I was careful to read the reviews. After our last not-so-pleasant experience on renting an AirBnB apartment in Montreux, I just had to be extra cautious.

5 6 7

When we arrived last night, it was already dark and we did not get to see the entire place. The place was nicer than expected. I really like the neighbourhood as it was peaceful and quiet.The house was also neat and clean.

9 10 11

It was spacious and we had the freedom to move around the different rooms.

Walking along the streets was pleasant. We could hardly see anyone walking around and were wondering if there were residents staying in all the beautiful houses there lol.

12 13

Look what we found! A pond! With ducks!

14 15

Ok the bestie and me has a little obsession with feeding ducks. It was too bad we had no food with us.

16 17 18 19

It made me slightly happier and forgot about my bladder issue lol. We don’t get to feed ducks in Singapore!


Actually I think the ducks were pretty smart. When they saw us coming, the started to come closer to us but upon realizing we do not have any food, the started to swim away.


We don’t usually take walks in parks back in Singapore because the weather is usually too hot. Due to our humid weather, the ground is also pretty muddy so usually no one will sit on the grass. However it is different here….

26 24

I love how the grass felt clean. The passer-bys must think we are crazy rolling on the grass and taking numerous number of photos.


Oh well, this is something that we do not get to experience everyday. I am so glad we booked this apartment. It is only 5 minutes away from this lovely pond. It is the perfect place to de-stress.

This AirBnB apartment is in Christchurch, Canterbury. The husband and wife, Neha Aman Sharma,  were really helpful and will be able to guide you in case you need help. I highly recommend you to check their apartment out if you are going to be in Christchurch.