Road Tripping Across New Zealand (South Islands) Chapter 1: Arrival in Christchurch

28 November 2015

The day is finally here! I have been looking forward to this trip for months and the past few weeks has been really rough, I did have doubts if I would eventually make it for this trip. Thankfully I did.

The family sent me to the airport and of course the bestie’s entire family was also there to sent us off. Each time I travel with the bestie, her entire family would send us off and I feel like a celebrity lol.

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Our flight was scheduled to leave at 11 pm.


Just the three of us this time. Last year we were leaving for Seoul with a much bigger group.


We were transiting in Sydney. After what seemed like ages (especially me with the problematic bladder), we arrived in Sydney in late morning.


We had a lot of time in Sydney airport as our flight was only leaving at 6 pm. Thankful for free airport wifi! We were not too bored. We spent the time eating, surfing the net and reading. I am not really a fan of long transit but in this case, we did not really have a choice.

Finally waiting to board the plane to Christchurch.


We were due to arrive in Christchurch at midnight. I have informed both my cuzzie, Corrine and my auntie and told them that they need not pick up up since it was so late, but they insisted that they come.

With the numerous number of trips I made to the toilet, I was happiest when we finally arrived in Christchurch! I was also happy to see almost the entire family there to pick us up!

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I haven’t seen Samantha in donkey years and her kids were also there! Thank you for picking us up!

We were separated into two cars (with our huge luggage) and they drove us to our AirBnB apartment we rented for the next two nights.


Our house owners were still awake to welcome us. It was almost 1.30 am gosh, I am so touched everyone came. Thank you so much!

Can’t wait to explore the city tomorrow, but first, I think I have to pay a visit to the doctor first. 😦