Road tripping across New Zealand (South Islands)!


Good morning from gorgeous Lake Wanaka. I just came back from a 13 days trip in New Zealand and I have so much to write about and photos to share, I could hardly wait!

I am guilty of not telling a lot of people (especially my extended family in Singapore!) of my plans to visit New Zealand. Even though plans were made in advance and the bookings for our accommodations were made 2 months before the trip, I was hit by a series of unfortunate events.

A month before this trip, my lower back was hurt badly, I had difficulties moving and staying in the same position for a long time. I did not even know what happened, one day it became stiff and I got really worried. I could not bend at all. Every little movement was painful and I remember coming home from wprk and simply lying down because it was too painful to bear.

2 weeks later it got better after visiting the chiropractor and doctor and at the same time I had the a kind of poking feeling in my tummy. Usually this happens whenever I don’t eat and yes I have experienced gastritis before. It will usually go away after some food but this poking feeling was not going away at all. I was worried it may be gallstones. Gosh, I was getting all paranoid on how I would miss this trip if there is a need for surgery. I had to go through the x-rays, the ultrasounds, the scan and even scope. It was all a painful experience, I just really wanted the pain to go away.

Thankfully, I was diagnosed with bacteria infection instead and there was no gallstones or need for surgery. Imagine my relief! I started to finish all pending work and got ready to pack for the trip.

2 days before the trip, I kept going to the toilet to pee. I would feel the need to go pee all the time and this was not normal. It continued and got worse. On the day of the departure, I was still thinking of how can I survive such a long flight in this condition. I was dehydrated and was too fearful to even drink water.

I took some medicine recommended by my mum, with the hope that it will go away but it did not. I was frequently going to the toilet to pee even though I felt there was no more water in my body to do that. I think I must have visited the toilet in Sydney Airport for 20 times while were there on 5 hours transit.

At last, I made the decision to go to the doctor. We spent the first day in Christchurch at the doctor’s. Just like how I suspected, I was diagnosed with bladder infection. We were scheduled to go on a road trip, starting with Mount Cook, the day after. There was no way I could go on a road trip in this condition. The doctor gave strong medication for 3 days and thankfully I was better.

I cannot help but think of all these unforeseen circumstances as part of my test. It was one after another, I almost gave up and really thought I would not be able to enjoy this trip as I planned it.

Alhamdulilah, I recovered after 2 days and was able to fully enjoy this trip. All these really made me appreciate the experience. I almost did not make it. New Zealand has been on my bucket list since forever and this beautiful country really treated me and friends to a lot of amazing views. I will be writing in full details about everything soon.