Walking down heritage trail @ Penang Chapter 8: Sunset at Batu Ferringhi

Travelogue: 7 September 2015

We wanted to end the day at Batu Ferringhi because we heard that the sunset there is beautiful. We took a trip back to our hotel room for a while to rest. Apparently, there was a free shuttle service from our hotel to Batu Ferringhi since Hotel Jen and Hotel Shangri La were under the management. I was thrilled because this would mean that I saved RM40 on cab fare there.

Our arrival at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa!

IMG_6800 IMG_6802

There were so many people trying our paragliding for the first time.


I would have wanted try it but the guys told me that it would cost me RM350 for a 15 minutes ride in the air. I thought that was price so I gave it a miss. Anyway, I came here to chill.


Unfortunately, it was pretty hazy so we could not see the sunset clearly.

My mum simply wanted to sit down and watch everyone. My dad was more sporting in posing for photos lol.

IMG_6844 IMG_6859

The sunset was beautiful nonetheless, despite the haze. It is not everyday that I get to witness the sunset so I am really appreciative for this opportunity.


Another reason why we chose to go Batu Ferringhi was because of the night market. I heard that we could do some shopping here. However, there was nothing special about the night market. They have t-shirts, bags, toys etc, we can easily find those things in Singapore so we did not buy anything.

We ended up having dinner there.

20150907_195731 20150907_195912

The food was good and cheap so we were happy.


The only way back to Georgetown was via cab and they have a standard pricing of RM40. Oh well….I wish the cab drivers would use meters.