Walking down Heritage Trail @ Penang Chapter 9: Last minute shopping and mural gazing

Travelogue: 8 Sep 2015

It is our last day here at Penang and believe it or not, it has been really fun. When I planned for this trip 2 weeks ago, I had no idea that there were so many things to explore in Penang. I am also glad the parents followed my itinerary willingly despite the long walks we have to take at times.

A friend recommended us to drop by Gurney Plaza for shopping. So here we are, early in morning. We wanted to have breakfast and Kenny Rogers was opened. These words attracted me to go into the restaurant honestly, lol.


Food! This is beginning to look more like a food trip!

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A table full of food. Kenny Rogers is unfortunately non halal in Singapore so I wanted to let the parents try it.

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We walked around Gurney Plaza but all the stores did not really attract us. I ended up buying stationery and Mum and me were stuck in this japanese store that sells everything for RM5. It was kinda like Daiso but I could not remember the name of the store.

I suggested that we go back to Georgetown to chill and look for some of the street arts that we did not manage to locate yesterday.

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The weather was really hot so we decided to stop by this little cafe. It was supposed have coffee art available but they changed management so we were all depressed and deprived. We had boring ice tea instead.

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Baba and me went to look for the murals but I was so intrigued by the old shop houses. You cannot find anything like this in Singapore anymore.


Fooling around without my mum so she could not scold us for being childish lol.


We were hungry from all that walking soooo lunch!


I am so glad our hotel was near the shopping malls. It is so convenient and the parents did not have to walk too far.


We went back to rest and pack and headed out for tea break. I ordered these for the parents while I went to shop for a while.


The packet of potato chips was a winner. Lol. End of the day and we go back tomorrow morning!