Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 5: Hello again Vevey!

Travelogue: 14 June 2015

After our breathtaking experience at Chexbres Village, we headed back down to Montreux and made our way to Vevey.

We visited Vevey during winter 2 years ago and were treated to a beautiful view of the park and the lake. However Bon said that as beautiful as it was, the place was the ugliest in winter, mainly due to the bald trees and non existent leaves. Being the nature deprived people that we were, the bestie and me were perplexed by Bon’s statement. Lol.

This was taken 2 years ago during winter.

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The bald tress were fascinating to me and I loved everything about it. I have never enjoyed walking in a park so much, mainly because it is extremely hot and crazy to be walking in a park in Singapore for too long.

Coming back to the same place, in a different season, often brings out a whole different set of feelings. I remember going back to the same places in Korea, during summer and winter and everything was the same, yet somewhat different.

Arrival in Vevey and it was really crowded! I remembered that there were barely any people in the same park during winter when we were here so I conclude that locals do not spend too much time in the park during winter.

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The weather was perfect for a stroll. It was cooling and cloudy thus our skin was protected from the harsh sun rays. There were flowers everywhere, if only I was here on a date. Lol.

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Vevey is situated on the north shore of Lake Geneva. near Lausanne. Most of the residents here speaks french. Vevey is also home to the world headquarters of the food giant Nestle. If you have the chance to be here, do pay the Headquarters a visit!

Taking the opportunity to be closer the lake. The water was cooling and some people were seen swimming in it.

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Can you see how clean and clear the water is? Lucky swan, I can’t believe I am jealous of a swan.


Looks like the locals spend their time with their family here. They were having picnics and BBQ sessions. Kids were seen playing water at the fountains and echoes of laughter can be heard everywhere.

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I can understand why, it was a nice place to simply chill.


I really wanted to stay and explore the park longer but it looks like it was going to rain. This photo below was taken by the bestie.


Oh well, it was a lovely walk and I am glad we made it here to see everything once again. It is really a pity that we do not get to experience the 4 seasons in back home, it can really open our eyes up on how gorgeous all of Almighty SWT’s creations are and how all the plants changes colour and teach itself to bloom again in spring after experiencing winter.

In a way, I think seasons are nature’s way of teaching us that we can all live with changes and still continue to be uniquely beautiful.


I guess, all the more we should travel right? See you again Vevey.