Beyond Beautiful Switzerland Chapter 4: Breathtakingly beautiful Chexbres Village (Part 2)

Travelogue: 14th June 2015

Our second day in Montreux. This is a lovely place to stay since we are just a few minutes walk away from the beautiful lake. I was the most well rested among the gang. They were out early on a train to Milan yesterday and came home around 8 pm. I am sure they were exhausted.

Since they needed rest, our only agenda today was to visit Chexbres Village which was only a few minutes away by rail. We grabbed coffee and croissant for breakfast on the train.


Imagine having breakfast with this kind of view. It was spectacular.

We have arrived!


A few minutes walk from the station to the vineyard and we were presented with this view. To be honest, we were all too stunned and mesmerized, we could not say anything else except ‘Wow’.

2 5 6

We really thank God for the great and sunny weather because the clouds, the lake, the mountains, the vineyard, everything was picture perfect.


I have seen this photo in postcards but I never ever thought I would be able to see this view live right in front of my eyes.


After we got over our shock (lol), we started to take photos of ourselves.

11 16 20

It was really difficult! It was difficult to capture the entire scene. Bon and me must have taken like 500 selfies and solo shots but we always felt that we could not take the ‘best’ photo because it was impossible.


Can you spot the scarecrow in the photo above?


The entire place was peaceful and quiet. The only sound we could hear were the birds chirping which was why I was pretty sure the residents in the nearby houses could hear us talking excitedly to each other.

A kind stranger was finally brave enough to help take this photo of us the crazy foreigners.

26 29

Isn’t the background like beautiful painting?


We decided to walk down to explore further. I couldn’t resist posing like a dork here because everything was so picture perfect.

31 33 37

I know that it is weird but I have always wanted to stand in a wide green field or vineyard like this. Talk about being deprived of nature…I like in a city ok.


I can’t get over this view seriously.

41 42 45

Walking down, thankful for these steps but it was pretty physically demanding. I needed to be fitter.


Sooooo in love with this view. It was a nice walk down because duh…..

49 50

I can’t imagine staying here and waking up to this view everyday. Wow…….we walked more and found this pretty lavender flowers.


Chexbres is located in the district of Lavaux. Chexbres is a wine-growing village and enjoys a good selection of local vintages. It also enjoys notable views of Lake Geneva. Chexbres is located at 565 m (1,854 ft) above sea leve. The village covers an area east of the Forestay river, in Lavaux, a scenic location about 200 m (660 ft) above the lake level of Lake Geneva.The community itself has no direct lake access, but extends to the east of the Château de Rivaz Glérolles almost to the shores of Lake Geneva.Source: Wikipedia

52 53 54

If you are travelling with elderly or small children who are not able to walk for long distances, you can have a tour around the vineyard in this mini tram.


However, do take note of the timings. The tour was only starting at 2 pm and it was only 10 am when we were there so we did not see the point in waiting around. We walked on by ourselves and explored the area.


If you are exploring by yourselves, be sure to keep the noise down because most of the houses you see are actual residencies. They will not be too pleased if you are making too much noises that may disrupt their lives.


Waiting for the next train down patiently. I even had a stray cat for company while waiting.



The train is here! It was an amazing experience here. The photos really did not do the place justice. You have got to come and see for yourselves!

Our next stop is Vevey!