The Little Prince Cafe

When I heard the news that The Little Prince Cafe was going to cease operation at the end of the month, I could not help but felt slightly sad by it. I have only been to the cafe once and I totally loved how cozy it was. I remember walking into the little cafe and was astounded by the beautiful and life-like drawings on the wall. It was tiny cafe but the drawings made it appear big.

It was also so conveniently located near my workplace and gym.

So I asked the bestie is she was free today. Today was my only free day before its closure and lucky for me, she agreed to come with me!

The first time I heard about The Little Prince was when I was in Petite France, South Korea in 2012. The little french village that we visited was so pretty and the story of The Little Prince intrigued my interest.


I promise myself to read the story when I am back home but life and work swayed me away and I temporarily forgot about The Little Prince.

Today, while enjoying our much needed tea break, the bestie asked me to guess what this is.


Like a typical logical minded person, I answered “A hat of course.” The bestie then proceeded to tell me that my answer was the same as most adults.

The real answer is that it was a snake who swallowed an elephant. True enough, this toy, when opened, was an elephant inside.


Wow. Apparently, most kids will be able to give way more creatives answers than us adults. Did adulthood destroy our creativity and imagination? I think so.


I recalled to this photo that was taken in December 2012 at Petite France.


I think I really need to read that book. Lol.

Anyway, back to this cafe. Its really such a pity that its relocating to a place less convenient to me but I was sad that the cafe is going to lose the beautiful drawings on the wall.

1 2

The artist is extremely talented and I was awed. I am only capable of drawing a stick man.


The view from the inside.


The crazy bestie who agreed to meet me despite being buried in assignments and not sleeping a wink.


I also loved how detailed this cafe was. Even the tables had drawings and wordings on them.


This was my favourite quote!





It is true that we forgot how it was like to be child. Even for people like me, who are working with children on a daily basis.


We forget to play, we forget to believe, we lose our faith and even lost the confidence we used to have as a child. We forgot that we were once fearless.

Its a good reminder isn’t it?

I was dying to eat the yummy home-made seasweed scones but they ran out of it. They only had waffles so we had to settle for it.


The salted caramel gelato was delicious. This dessert break was much welcomed after a hectic weak of work and being sick. I am still sad that this cafe is relocating so I wanted capture our memories here.

Failed attempt at doing a selfie with the bestie.


Finally yay! Please pardon our tired faces after work, This is how we look on weekdays. Lol.


The new location:
The Little Prince Creamery
Blk 47, Toa Payoh Lor 6, #01-134

See you there.