Chill @ Badoque Cafe

When Rena my greedy buddy contacted me about wanting to celebrate Madeline’s birthday, I could not say no. True, I celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago with a different group of friends but how can I say no to celebrating her birthday again? In fact, I think we should celebrate her every month! Lol.

So this time, our gathering consisted of my much missed sotongs, Rena and Linda. Since our dear Mad could only make it at 8 pm, we decided to meet somewhere nearby her shop. We decided to meet at Badoque cafe at Simpang Bedok.

Rena who arrived first, got us a seat outside. At first I was worried that we may not get a seat (because we did not make reservations) but the crowd on a weekday was thankfully not overwhelming. I was also worried that it might be warm outside without air con but I guess we were blessed with a pretty cooling night.

Our appetizer, prawn wrap with potato? I love how its crunchy.


Its actually the sotongs’ first time here and its only my second time so obviously I have not tasted the entire menu. Lol.


Since we are sotongs, we decided to order some sotongs as well.


Therefore, we had to mandatory poses like this.


Aglio Olio seafood pasta. The one thing about Badoque cafe you should know before coming is, they serve huge portions! if you are a small eater, its not really a good idea to order one main course for yourself.


We ordered 2 main courses and 2 appetizers to share.


Its always nice to gather and chit chat after a long time. I really miss our happy chats and crazy laughter each time we get together. Even though we are not members of the same gym or attend the same dance classes anymore, I have always felt that we have not grown an inch apart.


In fact, we could almost immediately pick up from where we left off. Sharing of sotong stories and then hysterically laughing at each other. Lol.


I guess after so many years together, we have not only gotten closer, we have also grown wiser and crazier together.


Even when unfortunate things happen, we know that we can overcome any challenges that comes our way.


At the end of the day, we know that we are always together in spirit, even when we are unable to be there physically. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.


And when we gather again, we will remind ourselves that there is always something to celebrate about.


Because, no matter how harsh and tough life circumstances get, there is always a hidden blessing or sweetness behind it.


At the end of the day life is short and unpredictable so we need to remind each other to live life to the fullest….. by eating dessert. Hahaha! This meringue cake is the best!! Yumss.


Never miss the opportunity to celebrate someone who always make you feel so loved.


I really liked how Rena and Linda came all the way from work and from a really busy schedule just to celebrate on a weekday. I remember them insisting to celebrate mine in February too while I was feeling lazy and emo to celebrate.


Always thankful for meeting these wonderful individuals I call friends.


May we continue to age gracefully, laugh happily and live peacefully while celebrating more birthdays together.


Love all my sotongs. Muacks.

Badoque Cafe

298 Bedok Rd, Simpang Bedok, 469454

Best way there: By cab. Nearest mrt is Bedok or Tanah merah.