Bridge of terror @ Krabi Thailand

I finally managed to upload this after months! Yay! When I was in Krabi Thailand for a short holiday in June, I had no idea this was what I arrived to. This was actually my second visit to Krabi and I was expecting to come back to the sun, sea and beautiful beaches.

So my friends and I decided that we were going to stay at this resort that has their own private beach. It all sounded exciting and we could not wait to arrive to our destination. We had to wait at the pier to board the ferry to the island. It was a fairly small ferry, and could hold up to 15 passengers.

When we boarded, the sea was calm but as we got out more into the sea, the waves were choppy and the ferry, being small, swayed sideways vigorously. Not that I was being a paranoid but knowing myself too well that I have zero ability in swimming I had fastened my life jacket. My two friends however refused to wear it, with the excuse that its only a 25 minutes ride and that we were not going diving.

I bet halfway through the 25 minutes journey, they changed their minds.

Since we were swaying sideways too vigorously, it was impossible to take photos with the one hand I had free. I had to hold onto whatever was still in the boat with both my hands so as not to prevent from falling down or slipping out of the small ferry. In fact, at this point, I am pretty sure we can call our ride to the island a boat instead of a ferry.

Perhaps we came during the storm. Ok, I am exaggerating. It did look like it was going to rain so it was windy which explains the choppy waters and big waves that welcomed up. The last time I was in Krabi was in December and it was sunny everyday. I had no idea that June was considered the monsoon season.

When we finally spotted the private resort, we were thrilled, because we could not stand being in the boat any longer. However, what I saw at the pier baffled us. We saw men jumping in great heights, almost like they were jumping on trampoline and for a moment I was thinking to myself why on earth would anyone play on a trampoline near the beach. As we neared the beach, I realized that the men were not jumping on a trampoline, they were jumping on a buoy bridge that connected the spot for alighting to the beach.

Imagine the look of horror on our faces.

As you can see from the video, due to the big waves, the buoy floats vigorously as well and imagine the look on our faces when we were told we needed to get down from the boat to walk on this ‘Bridge of terror’.

Like it or not, we had to do it because staying in the board is causing an even bigger motion sickness.

The good news was, they had so many staff to welcome and accompany every passenger and guest to the hotel. They would actually take your arm and walk with you until you reach concrete area. Whenever a huge wave was coming, they would tell you to stop and when the big waves had passed, you continue walking. Halfway through, I had two men walking with me because my shoulder bag was heavy and I had difficulty balancing when I walk. You had no idea how much I was cursing at the back of my head.

I was so thankful to the staffs who walked with me and made me felt safe but let’s be honest, in such circumstances, even the most macho guys would not be able to make me feel safe walking on this bridge! In fact, I was so relieved to finally set my feet on the concrete pave way after what it seemed like forever walking on the ‘bridge of terror’.

I have never loved concrete so much in my life.

This is something beyond my expectation because I had expected to feel relax on a beach getaway. I was not really looking for an exciting adventure where I worry if I was going to fall into the ocean and die.

Anyway, the initial plan was to go out to mainland Krabi on the second day but looking  at our arrival experience and the big waves, we decided to stay put. This video was recorded on the second at the resort where we spent almost the whole day lounging on the beach and watching others brave their way through the ‘bridge of terror’.

It was kinda funny watching others but when we were the ones on it, I really thought I was going to die. Remember my paranoia is due to the fact that I cannot swim at all.

This is actually my first time witnessing people screaming their heads off when they arrive and when the leave a resort.

I don’t really know why there is no concrete bridge to avoid all these trouble. I mean, a whole team of staffs had to get ready each time a boat arrives. Looks like a pretty tough job especially when you deal with screaming passengers a few times a day.

Kudos to the staffs loading and unloading the luggage. Wow. Its so tough, look at how hard they work! I sure hope they are being paid a good sum!

We actually shortened our stay there and transferred to a resort on mainland Krabi. On the day of our departure, we kept looking out at the beach to see the weather conditions but unfortunately it was still pretty stormy.

Again, they had a group of staffs to walk with us on the ‘bridge of terror’. I shamelessly grabbed onto the most muscular guy so in case I slip and fall, he can carry me or save me. Hahaha. Before we board the boat, the staffs actually created like a human fort so that no one will fall into the sea. Still, I cannot help but be paranoid.

Imagine how relief we were when we finally stepped foot onto mainland Krabi. My arms were actually aching from holding onto the rail too tightly. I was the last one to board the boat and there was no more space inside so I had to stand on the porch, with the boat swaying almost 45 degrees side to side. Gosh. What bad luck.

I really thought if I were to fall into the sea, that would be the end of me.

I don’t blame the resort for the ‘not so relaxing’ stay because I think it was our fault for choosing to come in December / monsoon season. Of course we did not know that it was this drastic. If you do not have a strong heart or a strong desire for adventures, then perhaps you should avoid coming to Krabi during the monsoon season.

Wow, look at that, I only wanted to write a paragraph or two. I hope my story will help you in your travel plans to Krabi in one way or another.

For me, I think I will not be going back to Krabi anytime soon? When I do, I will make sure it is in June or sunny season!