Sotongs birthday dinner @ Kaw Kaw cafe

28 February 2016

The best way to end a weekend is chilling with your ‘addicted to laughter’ friends in an artistic and rustic cafe.


I had no idea of the existence of this cafe, until I happened to walk passed 2 weeks ago and saw that huge halal logo on the door. Being nosey, of course I had to peek. Further with the tagline ‘I licked it so it’s mine’ on the window, who would not be curious?


I love how spacious this cafe was. The cafe was comfortably decorated with vintage items, mostly collected from the 70s to 90s era. Being the dinosaurs that we were, we could relate to almost everything in cafe. I also loved how they used different furniture, yet they fitted nicely together.


The most excited sotong of the night was………….Linda!


Yeah, she made me stand everywhere and took 101 photos of me. Lol.

My 2 other lovely sotongs who made the time to meet, despite being so busy with chinese new year.


Located in Bugis, this area has always been our favourite spot to meet up for gatherings since we stay at different ends of Singapore.

As usual, ordering food was always so exciting, but with the sotongs, we don’t eat small.


The cheesy chili fries surprisingly came with beef. If we had known it came with beef, we would not have ordered as two of us are non beef eaters. My greedy buddy and me are big eaters but even we could not finish that plate of cheese beef fries.


The portobello (fried mushroom) was truly the best. I was coughing away eating fried food but I could not stop eating. #problem


As usual we are always excited with food!


What is also interesting about this cafe is the little stage in it. I am sure if someone was performing, everyone would be stuck to their chairs enjoying the food, the ambiance and the music. So, if you are aspiring musicians, head over here!

For us who don’t sing or sing out of tune, we used the stage to pose for more photos. I promised we were not the centre of attention…….not!


Typical of the sotongs to bully the birthday girl.


Yeah they just stood there with their handphones and camera asking me to do all sorts of expression and I obediently abide. Lol.


Thank you to the wonderful staff who helped us with this photo!


Fooling around and playing at the window. I don’t know these people.


We truly had a lovely time here! I would definitely come back! Look at our happy faces!


Thank you sotongs for being forever so lovely! A night with them will set anyone on a good mood for the rest of the week. I have more crazy photos but I think I embarrassed everyone enough through this entry.

Where else can you find friends who will act all silly, laugh till they are drunk and still look good in photos?


Only sotongs! Yeah, I have no idea whose scooter was this but Linda thought we should take a photo with it since it was so cute like us. Lol. Thank you dearest Madeline, Rena and Linda! Love you lotssss. ❤