February birthdays @ Fix cafe

29 February 2016

You know, I am not really a fan of meeting friends on a weekday, especially Mondays. I usually prefer to go home straight from exhausting work and go home early to do ironing of clothes and packing of food for the next day. Nowadays I go to bed by 11 pm latest too. I used to only sleep when the clock strikes 12 am. Yeah yeah I know, AUNTIE alert! I guess I AM getting older lol.

Anyway, it is never easy to find a common date where everyone can make it and Ju thought it was good to meet on the 29th of February! It is a leap year so let’s take advantage of it! And so, we met on a Monday! Yolo.

We decided to meet at Fix cafe!


Missing Bie who was having fever. Our group photo is never feels complete each time someone is missing.

We met at 6.30 pm, this is my normal tired weekday look. Pardon me, I think everyone still looked so pretty at this hour except me. I am at work by 6.45 am so naturally I will look like the walking dead by 5 pm lol. Today was one of my better days, I did not need to literally run after anyone in heat or stop fights between rowdy boys. Can you guess my profession?

Even though Fix cafe is not air conditioned, the nice ambiance by the pool and the yummylicious food is the main reason why people keep coming back here.


My order. Salmon and wild rice. Yes, the rice is wild and so am I.


Perhaps it was a Monday, there were not many people swimming in the pool.I wish I could jump into the pool. 


Our dessert of choice were churros and this little donuts with salted egg as a dip.


Happy birthday my fellow Feb baby!! Stay gorgeous and healthy always!! She definitely do not look her age at all!


I really like our way of updating each other about our lives. We were each given 10 minutes to share on what has been happening since our last meet up. We do this because time is limited so we needed structure lol.

This 10 minutes time span is also, always, extended thanks to Hui Mei’s 101 questions or the need to repeat each story again. Lol.


6 years of celebrating birthdays together and nothing has changed lol. This year, Sheila and me wanted to stop the culture of giving gifts to the birthday babies because we felt that it can be quite stressful thinking about what to get for the birthday girl. We merely wanted to spend time together, chatting over food of course.


To us, the time spent together was a gift enough of us. Thank you bananas for all the laughter together!! Love love. ❤