Celebrating birthdays and growing wiser @ Cafe Mondo

21 February 2015

I love getting older. My understanding deepens. I can see what connects. I can weave stories of experience and apply them. I can integrate the lessons. Things simply become more and more fascinating. Beauty reveals itself in thousands of forms. – Victoria Erikson

I am a year older today! I usually go through a period of being all emotional before the actual day but this year has been different. This year I have been too busy living life and have not really have the time to get all upset. Actually when I think about it, its kind of silly because a lot of things I have been upset about were things that were beyond my control. So this year, I have decided to only do the things that makes me happy.

The family was having a family gathering in conjunction with a cuzzie’s birthday which was two days ago. They chose to have a BBQ and invited everyone. I was apprehensive to go mainly because:

1. The birthday celebration was not for me.

2. I want to avoid the relatives asking me about my age and telling me to go get married, have babies etc.

I can even predict the words that were going to come out from my relatives’ mouths so I asked Mum if its ok I give it a miss. Furthermore, the bestie had asked me if I was free today and I had agreed to go out with her, so it only seems fair. I pretty much look forward to celebrate the birthday with the bestie more than with anyone else so it only makes sense to me to do this.

She brought me to Cafe Mondo in Orchard Central and it was my first time there. Upon arrival, I saw the choice of ice cream available and was instantly excited. Lol.


Appetizer was tiger prawns and it was so delicious. I am obsessed with eating prawns.


Cheese fries. Look how fat the fries are!


I was starving from morning because I did not have my breakfast. I was lounging around in bed even though I was already awake by 8.30 am. I cannot seem to sleep any longer.

Our food finally arrived! I was impressed with the good service of the staff who kept asking if the food was ok. Lol.



The plan was to eat and chit chat. As we grow older, we  appreciate these simple things.


Time for dessert and the bestie let me choose most of the ice cream flavours. I finally got my hands on the magazine too! Yay. I don’t know how she kept it so smooth and straight all the way form Korea. It would have ended up crumpled or dirty if it was in my hands for so long. Lol.


Apart from the ice cream, she also got us the salted caramel cheesecake. I am sure it was yummy but we were too full so we packed the cake home. Lol. #greedy #lol


I am glad that the cafe was not crowded because we could do this in peace.


I think we should take more crazy photos like this eh. We look good here.

As we walked out of Orchard Central, I was feeling like a tourist in my own country because everything looked so different. I have not been to Orchard Road for the longest time, mainly because the only time I can go is during the weekend and its usually so crowded.

Looks like the valentine’s day decorations were still up.


We met a new friend.


Trying to learn some ballet moves from our new friend but I failed miserably.


We had some time to spare so we took our own sweet time to do Zohor prayers before catching a movie.


Being such a huge fan of Jackie Chan, I had to see this show. We were also excited to see Siwon in this movie. The movie was impressive and I was highly entertained but I was shocked when Siwon only appeared in like 3 scenes?! He was not around during SJM promotions so naturally all of us thought he would have a bigger role. Seriously?

I hope he gets a bigger role next time! He is a really great actor even though I laugh and make fun of him and his derps most of the time. Lol.

What do we do after the movie? Dinner of course.

Choosing a healthier option this time. Grilled fish and salad.


The bestie ordered mussels and I don’t eat mussels so she had to finish it by herself lol.


I do like the gravy and the bread though.


Thank you dearies for the wonderful company!

And to the bestie for all the gifts and the lovely day! I really enjoyed the simple and happy day.

I don’t get older. I get more awesome.

Cafe Mondo: #02-31/32 Orchard Central

Nearest train station: Somerset