Biggest blessings @ 1 Market by Chef Wan

22 February 2015

I was up early again today. I cannot sleep beyond 9 am. My eyes automatically open by 8 plus. Today was the last day of the long weekend and I was determined to stay and laze around in bed a while longer. I surfed with my phone, read some fics but I was still wide awake. Ironically I am always sleepy after I am out of the bed. Lol.

I finally got out of bed at about 10.30 am, after lazing around in bed for 2 hours. I think my parents thought I slept through. If only they knew. I took my own sweet time to shower. I had no plans except to get some work done and go for high tea with the family in the afternoon.

When I came out of the showers, Mum was all ready to go out. Apparently her lower back to thigh were in pain so she wanted to go to the doctor asap. Therefore, in my wet hair, I quickly got dressed and left for the doctors with the parents. The only available clinic that was opened during this CNY period was the one at train station. The doctor gave some medication and asked us to monitor. If she is not well in a week, we would have to come back and do and x-ray.

I hope its nothing serious. The kind of ailments that is associated with aging……

After that we were too hungry to wait for high tea which was 3 hours away so we went for a quick prata breakfast.


It was good. We had quick one so that Mum can get home sooner to take her medications.

Picked up the brother and sister in law at 2.30 pm. Look who was wide awake and looking all cute.


I miss my niece! I see her on weekly basis and we watch her videos and photos everyday via Wattsapp but I still miss her!

I think my parents miss her too. They watch her videos all the time whenever they are free at home.


Mum was carrying her all the time. She was carrying her more than she was eating.


This was the long awaited grandchild, obviously they love her very much.

The food was ok. This was my first time here for high tea. I have been here for lunch and dinner previously and was  impressed by the wide choice of food available. I was careful not to eat too much so I tasted a bit of everything.



After I saw the salmon available, I didn’t care about any other food. Lol.

Dessert makes me fat and happy.


Enjoying the food. There were not many people in the restaurant, which is a bit weird to me. In my previous visits for lunch and dinner, the place was bustling with hungry people. Lol.


This was a treat from the brother and sister in law. Actually I did not need a treat….just a normal lunch together would be great too. I just realized that I have never treated my sister in law for her birthday because I am always not around since her birthday is in mid June.


Thank you for the treat! I really appreciate the thoughts.

I enjoyed carrying and playing with my niece more than eating the food. Lol. This is my first birthday celebration with my niece. This means that when she is 20 years old, I would have been more than 50 years old. That is such a huge age gap.


The plan this year is to be happy. Such a simple wish, yet so hard to fulfill.


I wish everyone would stop worrying about me, judging me, nagging me because at the end of the day no one truly knows the content of my heart.


For now, I am doing my best to love my life to the fullest. It means taking chances, not procrastinating, taking risks, doing all the things that make me happy.

I am thankful for my health because I can still do workout and dance, two of the things that makes me happy. I am thankful for my stable income because I need to support the family now that my parents are aging. I am thankful for friends who care. There may not be many but I am glad I filtered out those who didn’t care.

For all the blessings that has been bestowed onto me, I am really thankful to turn one year older this year. I still find something to laugh about every single day and that to me is the biggest blessing of all.

1 Market by Chef Wan

04-45/ 46/ 47/ 48/ 49 Plaza Singapura