Light it up blue for autism

5 April 2017

April, Autism Awareness Month is here. In the past, partner PSP would be the one going around to remind our colleagues to wear blue. She would also go around to take photos of everyone who did. She printed little posters about autism and made the colleagues pose with it. It was such a good initiative that I decided to continue doing it even after she left us.

I sent a reminder email to everyone a few days in advance. This year, I wanted to go a step deeper by initiating the ‘Touched by Autism’ project. I wanted to hear from the colleagues about their encounters with autism. Unfortunately, it is a hectic period now and we only received 3 entries so far.

Nevertheless, it was wonderful to see at least 80% of colleagues wearing blue!! The ones who did not, I hope you will dress in blue next year!


I wanted it to be a little fun so I made everyone do this……


Even the school leaders wore blue and participated in the photo taking!


I was really so glad everyone came on board happily.


One of the SSN team who works so hard but often taken for granted.


Not forgetting my partner who is dealing with the most number of kids with autism right now. Jiayou!! It is not a job, it is a calling!


I think she is doing great!


We wanted to recognise the teachers who are good with our SSN boys so we decided to award them!! Flashed all their successful and efficient strategies and of course their caring hearts, in front of everyone so that they will be inspired too!


Totally deserved it! It has not been easy at all for them but we are supporting them as much as we can because their traits are admirable. I hope these traits are emulated by the other teachers.

Very happy to finally do this. I had the idea to do more for Autism Awareness Month this year and I did it. Alhamdulilah. ❤