First Love

8 February 2015

The plan today was to stay home because guess who was coming over?


My lovely niece! Since the entire family have yet to visit her, most of them revealed that they would like to pay her a visit. So, Mum cooked some food for the guests, consisting mainly of our aunties and uncles.

She arrived at around 12 pm and she was wide awake!

2After Zohor, my cuzzies, or Munawwarah’s aunts arrived. Yup, her youngest aunts!


This is her youngest aunt at only 3 years old! Humairah is our youngest cousin and since Munawwarah is the eldest niece, its too cute.


This is new for Humairah too because she has always been the youngest and the baby of the family. She was awkward holding her at first but after a while she was ok. So proud of Aunt Humairah.


So that makes them only 3 years apart and they both live in Pasir Ris.


I am sure they will be close!


See? She will get used to carrying her in no time. My two princesses!


Grandma also dropped by to see her great grand-daughter. In this photo alone, I captured 3 generations of the family.


My dear niece will have a lot of aunties, uncles, grandmas and grandpas….lol.


She was cranky because she did not get enough sleep. She seemed to enjoy it when people stand and walk around while carrying her. Smart eh!


Before the guests left, she was already dozing off. Awww…too cute. Miss her already, can’t wait to see her next week again.