Chap 06: At Home With Aishah

After I delivered I was kinda thankful for the 4 months maternity leave and of course the 2 weeks of paternity leave for the hubs. There is so much to do when a baby enters a home. A newborn needs to be fed, hugged, changed and the list goes on and on. It was an exhausting 2 weeks for me, the new mom. I now know why we are taught to never disrespect our mums. The sheer amount of pain and sacrifice in taking care of us from babies till we grow up healthy and well. There is nothing we can do to repay all that they have done for us.

I don’t think anyone will truly understand this until they become a mum themselves, me included. I lost 8kg in the first week as a new mum, simply from the lack of sleep and the exhaustion. However, I would never change anything for the world. It was surreal to have this baby who was inside my tummy, now in my arms. I was in disbelief. I thought this day would never come.

I was excited, thankful, tired….a tornado of feelings inside. It was difficult to put it into words. I wanted to cherish every single moment and capture as many memories as possible because soon, 4 months would be over and I would need to go to work and leave my baby behind. I dread for that day to come but for now I wanted to just basked in the joy of having this newborn in my arms.

Aishah was born only at 2.7 kg and she was so small. I felt so sorry for her which was why seeing her grow bigger and heavier each week was a joy.

After we shaved her head, I love seeing her round head and as her cheeks grew chubbier and chubbier, I knew I was feeding her right.

My favourite thing to do was to watch her sleep. Sometimes she would smile in her sleep and I was always ready with my hp to capture it lol.

She sleeps so peacefully. When she was a newborn, she would sleep only for a few minutes in the day and would stay awake most of the time. I thought newborns were supposed to sleep a lot. Imagine how stressed we were!

We prepared a nice cot for her and we got everything ready before she was born.

However, she would only fall asleep in our arms.

I would usually hold her in the mornings since I was breastfeeding her and she would go back to sleep almost immediately. Yup, she would sleep soundly on my lap so I decided to capture the moments lol.

She looked soooo cute while sleeping, I could not help it. Am I a stalker mum? Lol.

When she is not sleeping, I sensed that she can be quite cheeky.

Other times, we always looked forward to going out so that we can bring her sight seeing! However, she always fall asleep when she is in the carrier!

I was truly enjoying being home with her all the time. I would take photos and send it to the hubs at work so that he does not miss her too much.

I was able to witness her first flip, her first sitting up straight, her first food, and her first smile…..I truly appreciate being with her all the time. I made sure she spends a good amount of time on the mat doing tummy time and it all pays off because she is just so strong now.

Training her to sit up and she would often slide down because she is just too active! Lol.

Flipping from back to tummy and from tummy to back….

I was trying to do some work from home so that it will not be too hectic when work starts but it was almost impossible………

When confinement period was over and I was able to go out, I ended up being clothes only for her.

When I fell and injured my knee, I could not walk and go out so I ended up shopping online for her as well. Loved these baby tudungs and beanies!

Wish I could take more selfies with her….I do take a lot of photos. I think she is slowly getting the hang of selfie-ing. She knows where to look at and when to smile at the camera.

She grows up too fast and I do not want to miss capturing those precious moments.

If you are following me on instagram, I am sure you notice I upload photos and videos of her everyday. How can I not capture this smile? How can I not capture her sleepy face while drinking milk? Lol.

Ummi loves you sooo much, no words can express how much love I have for you.

May you grow up strong, physically, mentally, spiritually and may you stay healthy and happy always. Don’t grow up too fast ok. ❤