Chap 05: Happy 1 month!

9 August 2018

On the 7th of August Aishah turns 1 month! It has been an eventful one month but never a day passes by without us smiling at our bundle of joy. The hubs and me decided to take a photo of Aishah on the 7th of every month so that we can track and see how much she has grown. In a world where digital photography is widely and commonly used, why not use it to capture and preserve precious memories?

The family from mum’s side would be coming today and seeing Aishah for the very first time.

Thankful for her uncle Azmi who printed her name of these pillows. Love it!

We were informed that only a few of the family is coming over, we had no idea the entire squad decided to come at the same time. Lol.

Everyone wanted a photo with Aishah and despite being passed around, she was such a good girl and didn’t cry at all!

The hardest part was trying to capture photos of the 3 youngest in the family, my youngest cuzzie, my first niece and my daughter. Lol.

This was a good shot but Aishah decided to vomit lol.

Several attempts. It was difficult to get all three girls to look at the camera and smile. I guess I was too ambitious lol.

Oh well, I thought this one above was the best lol. They grew up too fast. Just a few years ago, Humairah was carrying my niece when she was a baby.

A group photo with everyone.

Thank you aunties and grandmas for coming and blessing us! Alhamdulilah may He continue to bless you with more rizq inshaAllah.