First Eid with Aishah

22 August 2018

We celebrate EidulAdha today. We had no plans because Aishah is only 1 month old and I did not really want to bring her out and expose her to the world yet. Newborns have low immunity so I did not want to take any risk.

Our plan today was to stay home for half the day and go visiting to le hub’s side of the family in the evening.

We usually have my brother and family coming over on the first day of Eid. Taking nice family photo. 1 kid or 2 kids? Lol.



I just wanna say that it is extremely difficult to take a decent photo of 2 young kids. It is either both cannot stop moving (Thus resulting in blurred photos) or one simply don’t look at the camera.


After several shots, this was THE best.


Our first family photo on Eid as a family of three.



Aishah was obviously not in the mood for photos. Lol.

Over at the hub’s side, meeting Aishah’s newest cousin, Hanis! Born 1 month after Aishah. I do not know why Aishah looked shocked here. Perhaps she was too stunned hearing Hanis’s voice lol.


There were other cousin babies too but taking a group photo of everyone was a difficult task! This will do for now lol.


With Raissa. I remember visiting her when she was a newborn. I was a few months pregnant then but we have yet to announce it to the family. Look at how much she has grown! ❤


My mum in law with her first grandchild. I am glad Aishah is ok with everyone carrying her. She has been an easy baby since I was pregnant. Alhamdulilah.



Le hubs with Hanis. It has been a while since I last see so many babies at a family event. Aishah will have plenty of cousins to play with when she is older.


So surreal spending Eid with a child. Alhamdulilah for all that He has blessed us with. Looking forward to spending many more Eids as a family.