Chap 03: Thank you family and friends

16 October 2018

As soon as Aishah was born, we received a whole lot of messages from family and friends who wanted to come over and see the mummy baby. Le hub’s side of the family came to hospital on the first two days and some of my close friends did the same too. There were no pics because I know I looked like crap, seriously, after labour, who wouldn’t haha.

Loving every minute with her and learning as much as I can playing my new role as a mother. As beautiful as it may seem, it isn’t always a bed of roses. I tawakal a lot and hope for the best.


We are grateful to those who allowed me time to recuperate at home first before coming over to visit, perhaps the mommies understand the importance of rest especially in the first 2 weeks after labour. Even though rest was a priority, I did not turn down anyone who wanted to come over to visit because I know everyone was excited to see the baby. One of the first guests to come over were my partners at work because they said they missed me. I have only been away for 2 weeks lol.


Please pardon how I looked because le hubs and me just discovered what it was like living with a baby who does not know the difference between day and night lol. We were awake 3/4 of the night trying to figure out what the baby wants lol.

Of course being mummies themselves, Cat and SK shared some useful tips that I really appreciated! I have much to learn from my two partners! We managed to snap some pics with Aishah even though she was sleeping.

A visit from my MIL with one of Aishah’s youngest uncle, Firdaus.


Fay jie, Velia, Fidah and mum all came on the same day and they were lucky Aishah was wide awake when they came!


Spot the single eyelids! Lol. Nah, Ummi loves you no matter how you look. We quickly took photos of her before she goes back to sleep. Oddly, she seems to be sleeping more in the day than night. (Good luck to us parents.)


The ladies came with a lot of presents mashaAllah, Aishah is so blessed. ❤ Thank you.


Le bestie who came to the hospital on the second day came again to visit 2 weeks later. Again, bringing so many presents for Aishah. Shukran… ❤



I especially loved this hat!


My colleagues Siti and Shikin came and made Aishah slept throughout lol.


My sotongs, Joyce and Rena and Madeline came on a different day.


My bananas came after work and even though some could not make it, they did not forget to send their pressies and regards! I really appreciate the thoughts. ❤


It still feels surreal to see a baby in the cot that we prepared. Everyday was about feeding baby, putting baby to sleep, ensuring she is ok, the remainder of the time was spent either catching up sleep, eating meals in a hurry or doing housework here and there. Life was the same everyday. It was mundane yet I felt that I was truly blessed more and more each day.

Of course there were others who came to visit but did not managed to capture any in photos because either Aishah was sleeping or they were simply shy. I was amazed at the number of headbands for Aishah, some were too big for her now but in time I am sure will fit her just nice. Thank you Hani for this headband!


Thank you everyone for all your gifts! We really did not expect this much but all this rizq is for Aishah and we are eternally grateful. We did not buy a lot of baby clothes so this really helped a lot.


So thankful for the 4 months of maternity leave. I will definitely dread to go back to work because I will not be able to spend every minute with her. I especially loved watching her sleep.


Le hubs did this. He just had to include star wars toys for Aishah. Not sure who enjoyed it more, him or Aishah lol.


Trying to capture as many photos as I can before she grows up too fast! I love how she often smiles in her sleep and that would usually mean she is about to wake up. At first I thought all babies were like this but I was wrong lol. Perhaps it is one of the trademarks of her personality.


As a mother I was just happy to see her grow. She came out too tiny at only 2.7 kg and seeing her grow bigger and bigger each week was joyful.

I know that as new parents we cannot really run from making mistakes but I hope people (especially the makcik bawangs who always have something to criticize) will understand that this journey is ours to embark and learn. In the beginning I was often mad when someone commented I was slow in changing the baby’s diaper. I corrected her, I am not slow, I am new and learning. There is a difference.

Of course all parents want the best for their children and it is the same for us. This is our responsibility and ‘amanah’, we will take it seriously and bring her up the best way we possibly can inshaAllah.


Our first outing with Aishah for her medical appointment. I am happy that le hubs play an active role in parenting too. We are not perfect but we were chosen by Allah swt for this child and thus we believe we are the best people to raise her.

May you grow up strong, healthy and happy always inshaAllah. You are in our every dua, our little Aishah. We are sure you will make us proud one day inshaAllah.