Eid Mubarak 2018 (Part 3)

23 June 2018

We were scheduled to visit the mum’s in law place today. The challenge this year being married is that we need to divide and plan our time well to do Eid visiting for both sides of the family. Thankfully our families are not too big and we were able to juggle both. This, despite being heavily pregnant.

Today, le hubs had to go to work for a while so here I am with his Eid clothes doing my ootd shot at the void deck.


There were other visitors too in the house but they were familiar friendly faces.


Next stop, Cik Ima’s place and we bumped into this cutie! Look how big she has grown!


Next stop, Cik Lela and Cik Man’s place. It was after maghrib and I was already tired even though we did not travel much but I know if I don’t make it there, I will never make it there for Eid visiting this year.

Here to play with Leo the cat and look how much my niece adore the cat.


Having her around during Eid visiting means we will be entertained by her random singing lol. Cik Nani loves you very much!


Our annual group photo at the same spot.


My niece just gotta be so inspired by my phototaking, she wanted to take photos too. Most of the photos were a blur but this one came out good. Which is ironic because le hubs hates taking photos haha.


24 June 2018

We are here at Cik Enon’s place! I wanted to capture as many photos of me being this big but I can’t help but feel like a whale looking at the photos lol.


Being at Cik Enon’s place means that its playtime with toys for the kiddoes.


For us adults, it is playtime with cats! She has two adorable cats!


Bumped into our other family members there so we can’t help but to take a group photo.


Here is us leaving the place and here is my looking hugeeeee again. Oh well.


30 June 2018

We are home today to receive Cik Asiah and family as guests. This girl decided to take over my place of taking photos of everyone.


She literally went around the house and took photos of everyone. Most were blur but these are some of the good ones. You can see how people naturally smile when a child is taking a photo of them. Wonderful! Maybe my niece do have a talent in phototaking lol.


Enjoying the food…


Our annual group pic!


1 July 2018

Today should be our last Eid visiting before I go into labour. I am due anytime now but amazingly I still feel fine except a little tired when there is too much activity. We are scheduled to visit Cik Ya’s place today!


All my aunties, mum’s side are such good cooks. Since I am so big and can due anytime, I shall eat like there is no tomorrow! Haha.


My niece’s attempt to take our photos again….lol.


We headed to Cik Lah’s place and the kiddoes, lol, can’t help but to capture their happy faces.


Last but not least, we visited Cik Ee’s place.


This marks the end of Eid visiting for me. With the tummy getting bigger each day, I am really too tired to go visiting. Thankful to the family for understanding.

Alhamdulilah for smooth pregnancy. Looking forward to the next phase of having a baby. InshaAllah, next Eid, our little girl will join us for Eid visiting! Please make dua that everything goes well! 🙂