Eid Mubarak 2018 (Part 2)

16 June 2018

On second day of Eid usually my parents will not go visiting as they are usually too exhausted from entertaining guest on the first day. The plan was to go visiting with the hub’s side of the family. My mum in law and family were supposed to pick us up first but they made the last minute decision to come up and visit our house. We were obviously unprepared.


Since they did not tell us they were coming, we did not manage to do any cooking. Thus, we could only serve drinks and ‘kuih’. We felt bad about it.


As you can see I am huge in my third trimester, plus I was feeling hot all the time. Haha. I was carrying a portable fan around during house visiting.

Anyway alhamdulilah for this family pic. Next year our little girl will be joining us!

We headed to Kak Nor’s sister’s place to visit her mum. Apparently her family is related to the hub’s family but the family strings were too complicated for me to comprehend lol. Very happy to see this much missed friend / colleague of mine!


Kak Nor’s mum was such a delight! Now I know where Kak Nor gets her bubbliness from lol. A group photo finally.


We only managed to visit one home but oh well, it was a good one. I guess quality time spent is worth more than the quantity of house visited.

17 June 2018

Today is Sunday and we are hoping to go Eid visiting for both sides. I have run out of clothes to wear. This outfit was just bought a few days ago. It was the only one that look decent and has my size.


Firstly, joining my family to visit Pak Ngah over at Yishun. We couldn’t resist taking photos with Khalifah, Imah’s super cute daughter. I can’t with her hair lol.


We were rushing to join the hub’s side for visiting so we had to rush off to Sengkang after asar prayers.

The hub’s side were in matching brown.


There are 3 pregnant ladies currently and I am just glad we are given seats wherever we go lol. Looks like we will be taking turns to ‘pop’ soon.

Alhamdulilah for being healthy. It was tiring especially since the tummy is bigger and heavier but I am always thankful to the hubs who helped around a lot. Till the next Eid visiting…..before I get too tired!